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May 14, 2023 — Maxim W. Furek and Tim Swartz

Gene and cohost Tim Swartz are joined by Maxim W. Furek on a fascinating pop culture and paranormal journey. He considers himself a student of the paranormal and has explored and published numerous articles on what some have called “The Coal Region Hoodoo.” With “Coal Region Hoodoo: Paranormal Tales from Inside the Pit,” Furek continues his sociological exploration of high strangeness inside the Pennsylvania wormhole that gave birth to “The Night of the Living Dead,” “The Blob,” and “The Philadelphia Experiment.” His book takes us beyond the netherworlds of Centralia, Sheppton, Chestnut Ridge, and The Pennhurst Asylum. It looks into the eyes of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren and the twisted souls of serial killer Gary Heidnik and controversial artist and experiencer Richard S. Shaver, while exploring the preternatural secrets of Bigfoot, cryptids, Kecksburg and other strange events.

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