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March 5, 2023 — Robert Davis and Dave Beaty with Tim Swartz

Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present an evening with Robert Davis and Dave Beaty. Davis served as a professor for the State University of New York for over thirty years, where he conducted research in the behavioral and neurosensory sciences. He has published three books: 1) “The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe?” 2) “Life after Death: An Analysis of the Evidence” and 3) “Unseen Forces: The Integration of Science, Reality and You.” He also decided to turn his book, “Unseen Forces,” into a documentary called: “The Consciousness Connection” with Emmy Award winner, Dave Beaty of Dreamtime Entertainment. This film includes leading researchers from many disciplines, and is designed to help bridge the gap between science, consciousness, and spirituality by integrating current experimental research and theories with life-changing personal accounts of extraordinary experiences reported by millions worldwide.

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