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June 4, 2023 — Mack Maloney with Curt Collins

Gene and cohost Curt Collins present Mack Maloney with his common sense approach to investigating the UFO mystery. During this episode, he’ll explain why he doesn’t believe a spaceship crashed at Roswell, NM in 1947, and his views about the possibilities of ancient aliens. He is the host of “Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files” radio show and podcast where, every week, he and his co-hosts present a high-energy program that delves into the U.S. government’s involvement with UFOs and the paranormal. He’s also the author of more than 50 books, including “UFOs in Wartime,” “Beyond Area 51” and “Mack Maloney’s Haunted Universe.” He has also worked as a consultant to the U.S. government on anti-terrorism programs and is a member of the EDM band, Sky Club. Maloney is a native of Dorchester, Mass., a graduate of Emerson College in Boston and currently lives on an island off Massachusetts.

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