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July 19, 2020 — Tino Pezzimenti

Gene and Randall present Australian UFO researcher/experiencer Tino Pezzimenti, who has worked closely with UFO Research of Queensland (UFORQ), one of the world’s oldest existing UFO organizations. Tino started experiencing ghosts at his home in Brisbane Australia when he was six years old; he saw a UFO at age 17. At age 19, he attended a meeting at the Flying Saucer Research Bureau which was to become UFORQ. He became a researcher with UFORQ and soon after became President, a position he held for for 9 years. For 17 years he on was on Paranormal Panel, a radio 4 BC production in Brisbane where he spoke publicly with many authors and experiencers world wide. Tino has a reputation for being a skeptical believer because he’s not easily swayed by conspiracy theories and fringe groups.

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