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January 8, 2023 — Heidi Hollis with Tim Swartz

Gene and cohost Tim Swartz take a fascinating journey through the world of Shadow People and the Hat Man with author and podcaster Heidi Hollis. She says she actually named, defined, and trademarked these two otherworldly realities. According to Hollis, such phenomena expose a peculiar bridge between Ufology and the paranormal world that Hollis has been speaking about for years. With her book, she embarked on a unique journey to find answers that led her to inform the world, as told in: “The Secret War: A True Story About a Real Alien War” and “Shadow People.” She has also written several other books on a variety of phenomena touching on cryptozoology to holy encounters. Hollis has been featured globally on various television and radio programs like Strange Evidence, Beyond Belief with George Noory, The Unexplained Files, Mystery Hunters and as a host on The CW for Mysteries Decoded in 2022!

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