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January 22, 2023 — Peter William Shelley with Tim Swartz

Gene and cohost Tim Swartz introduce researcher and podcaster  Peter William Shelley. Born in San Jose, California, hey has had an active interest in UFOs and the paranormal since the 1960s. While still a child in 1969, he had a UFO experience that convinced him that the phenomena was absolutely real. In the late 1970s, he moved to Los Angeles and worked in cartoon animation as an artist. Ultimately, he was employed at Hanna-Barbera Studios and worked on such TV series as “The Godzilla Power Hour” and “Jana of the Jungle.” An avid listener to podcasts on UFOs and the paranormal, he became dissatisfied with the quality of many shows (except ours of course) and in 2020 started his own podcast on YouTube called “Shadowy Spectrums.” His main focus consists of cases outside of the U.S., and he talks about the stories of Ghost Rockets back in the 1940s, and the infamous UMMO UFO hoax that persisted for several decades before its creator exposed it for what it really was.

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