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January 15, 2023 — Mason Winfield with Tim Swartz

Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present an evening with Mason Winfield, who was raised in the suburbs near Buffalo, NY, the only child of a middle-class family. Mason read voraciously in junior high and high school. Fantasy, history, adventure, science fiction, paranormal research, fantastic archaeology. His first book was “Shadows of the Western Door” (1997), paranormal survey of Western New York. “Shadows” features chapters on ancient mysteries (including giant skeletons), earth-energies, famous ghosts, occult societies, alternative cults and religions, Native American supernaturalism, and the mysterious Roycroft community in East Aurora. He has written or edited twelve books, including “Ghosts of 1812,” a study of the Niagara war and its folklore (Western New York Wares, 2009), and (with Michael Bastine) “Iroquois Supernatural,” a study of the traditions of the Six Longhouse Nations (Inner Traditions International/Bear & Company, 2011). He is a paranormal generalist, more of a historian/folklorist than he is a psychic or a ghost-hunter. He takes the broad field seriously.

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