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August 7, 2022 — Amanda Paulson with Tim Swartz

Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz explore the encounters of younger people with the world of the paranormal with Amanda Paulson, an investigator based out of Spokane, Washington. With a passion for paranormal-centered philosophical discussion and 14 years of experience, she now travels as a solo investigator and content creator for her blog, Pretty Fn Spooky and will be starring in the upcoming documentary, “Death is With Me.” She’s been investigating the paranormal as a solo investigator since 2019 and has now traveled all over the United States investigating places small and large. Her investigations have included many well-known locations, including Waverly Hills Sanatorium, the Conjuring Farmhouse, the Mojave Desert and the Lizzie Borden house, where she spent the night in the home completely alone — without any employees or other guests.

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