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April 23, 2023 — Anna Maria Manalo and Tom Conwell with Tim Swartz

Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present Anna Maria Manalo and Tom Conwell, authors of The Night Visitants: A Ufologist, An Experiencer And The Undefinable. Manalo was raised in suburban San Juan, an hour north of metropolitan Manila. During childhood, her neighborhood was an active hotspot for ghosts, apparitions and other entities. These experiences led to her interest in the supernatural after her father’s tragic death from a demonic infestation in their home. She is an author of paranormal suspense memoirs and anthologies and specializes in studying hauntings brought about by catastrophic events such as WWII, acts of human violence, odd and strange entities that appear in remote, isolated or abandoned places or beings created by human thought called Tulpas. Conwell is a retired security software specialist with a keen awareness of physics, computer and internet software and a broad knowledge of electronics and how it intersects with the paranormal world and UFOs.

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