Low Variance Slots That Pay Often

When you are designing a winning strategy for a slot session, there are a number of factors you need to consider during the process. Variance is one of the most crucial factors in this regard. It more or less determines how often you win and how much you make in one night.

Before we can delve into the pros and cons of playing low variance free slots no deposit 2021, let’s see what variance is all about and how slots are categorised in terms of this particular factor.

Brief Review of Slot Variance

Normally, we know variance as the infamous slot volatility. This factor determines how big your rewards will be and how often you are likely to get them. Basing your slot selection on this factor helps you figure out how much risk you are willing to take and how much you have to finance your game session.

Slots are classified into low, medium and high variance slots to help players make an informed decision. Low variance slots are loved by players who are in for the thrill of winning. These slots are known for giving away small payouts every 3 – 4 spins. It is the least risky form of variance affecting the game and, hence, helps you build up your wins to something significant if you have plenty of time.

On the other hand, medium variance and high variance slots come with much higher risks as they require constant investment but don’t pay out quite often. But when these slots pay out, they are sure to make you happy as the rewards are magnanimous. These slots are suitable for you if you have a handsome bankroll to spare and plenty of patience.

Are Low Variance Slots Suitable for You?

This decision requires some of your basic analytical skills for the game. First, you need to determine if the slot under question is a low variance one or not. The paytable of any slot can help you figure that out. As a rule of thumb, observe the rewards on offer for matching 3 – 6 symbols at a time. If these values are small, then the slot is sure to have a low variance.

Once you have found that out, consider the following pros and cons of low variance online slots for more insight:


  • You can play these slots with the least risk possible
  • Profits of the game can be enhanced by finding a combo of low variance and high RTP in a slot
  • They work even better if you play these slots with a bonus activated, as then all your winnings remain safe


  • These slots can get boring as they require you to play for a very long time to offer you something worthwhile
  • There are no highly significant wins on the table
  • Profits achieved are low most of the time


In essence, low variance slots can make you feel rewarded for a short while, but in the long run, it is recommended to pair this factor with RTP to choose a slot and base your strategy on it for greater success.