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I'm trying to survive this weekend!

September 23rd 2018

Hi, I’ve been told a few times that asking for financial help online is a bad thing, even though lots of people do it for different reasons. I take no joy in sending these messages. It’s a matter of the situation and the lack of alternatives. A friend sent me a list of resources for the homeless, but temporary shelter would be akin to a death sentence for me when it comes to continuing to earn a living as I do now or boosting my income. So here’s where it stands: PayPal has evidently d ...Continue Reading

Can it get any worse?

September 22nd 2018

Hi, Here’s my situation as of Saturday morning Arizona time: My bank account has five cents in it; my PayPal account is overdrawn. The motel’s front office gave me until today to run the authorization on my card after it failed yesterday. Maybe they took pity on an elderly couple with a beautiful little white dog. But I don’t want pity. I could use some help to keep going, but it can’t be done via PayPal, at least for now. So I have to suggest other ways. The fastest method is with Wes ...Continue Reading

More ways you can assist me!

September 21st 2018

Hi, My situation today is complicated. I have maybe an hour or two to pay the motel so I can stay for a few more days, but I’m running into a problem trying to put the money together. It’s not made easier without PayPal, which is negative due to the false chargeback claims. I suggested Apple Pay Cash, which means instant payments. But it works best of the business accepts Apple Pay. Many do, but most motels don’t, at least the one we’re staying at. I can transfer the money direct to ...Continue Reading

Important update on the disaster!

September 20th 2018

Hi, As you know, a fake dispute filed by a customer has depleted my PayPal account, so it’s negative. If you do send a PayPal donation, it’ll go to replenishing the balance, not helping me with current expenses. So instead, let me suggest other ways you can help: The easiest and fastest ways are via Facebook Messenger or Apple Pay Cash (using Messages). Donations sent that way can go directly to my bank account. You may also send payments via Western Union or Moneygram. Write me for ...Continue Reading

Disaster — Part Two

September 19th 2018

Hi, It appears that the situation is worse than I imagined. A client who scammed us with a false chargeback claim appears to have sent us another payment for a service using a different name. I learned about it when checking the status of the first claim. I have been on the phone with PayPal about getting a “provisional credit,” which they do sometimes offer while such disputes are being investigated. But I was told that the policy was tightened about a month ago; those of you who use PayPa ...Continue Reading


September 18th 2018

Hi, It’s been one thing after another since the motel reservation foul-up on Saturday. So I’ve been online and accepting ads since 2000. Never had a problem. Now one if our clients, who got what he paid for, filed a chargeback with his bank for a refund. So my PayPal account is suddenly nearly $200 underwater. The motel needs to be paid today. Even if it’s settled in my favor, and it should be, it may take up to 30 days to get my money back. Sometimes I wonder if I should just pack ...Continue Reading


September 17th 2018

Hi, I’m waiting for a two-day refund from the “roach motel,” which can take several days to hit my debit card. This leaves me short of funds ahead of dinner time in Arizona. Lyft/Uber money helped, but my PayPal balance is now down to $1.80. And the car is nearly out of gas. I am paid at the new motel through tomorrow at 11 AM. The final changes on the new Paracast site are being made as we speak, but I often wonder why it takes so long to do such things. So I’m hopeful I’ll make pro ...Continue Reading

Three on a weekend!

September 16th 2018

Hi, You probably won’t believe this, even if you’ve followed my ongoing odyssey for the past few years. So Saturday at 10:00 AM, I was at the motel editing one of the shows when there was a knock at the door. I opened it to see the front desk clerk, who wanted to remind me that we had to leave in an hour. Shocked and surprised? Absolutely! When I first registered, I was informed that I could easily extend my reservation simply by contacting the front desk and telling them that I planned ...Continue Reading

I suppose I should feel lucky!

September 15th 2018

Hi, At 73, I’ve managed to live longer than most of my relatives. But I don’t feel lucky. The struggle goes on, and I have to put together enough money cover the motel by today at 11 AM Arizona time. There are other bills, but this is the one that’s most critical. Anders is finishing the all new Paracast site. I wish it didn’t take so long, but there are just a few issues left before it goes live. We’re also about to debut a new online store with great Paracast-related merchandise. ...Continue Reading

Stranded on Labor Day Weekend!

September 1st 2018

Hi, I’m sick and tired of living day-to-day, not knowing when I’ll run out of money and be made homeless. I am sick and tired of this life, and I am working harder than ever to find a way to break this bad cycle for good. This weekend, I managed to pay the motel for another day, but that means having to find the cash by Sunday to cover our stay. Yes, I’m bringing in an income, but paying for a motel, even a relatively inexpensive one, and also saving to move to a new apartment, is a diff ...Continue Reading