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It's not much better!

December 14th 2018

Hello, It’s a routine I hate. I paid for one more day at the motel. The wireless carrier received a partial payment, but can still suspend service at any time. I’m behind on auto insurance. I’m making very little progress raising money for a new apartment because I still have to pay for the motel. This is entirely unacceptable. I’m receiving physical therapy for a shoulder-related problem. Barbara’s health issues are about the same, although she is the victim of a very offensiv ...Continue Reading

Still Underwater!

December 10th 2018

Hello, Monday began with little improvement. I’ve paid a few small bills, but I still have to catch up with the mobile phone bill, auto insurance, and there’s that auto maintenance coming soon. The motel expects its money by 11 AM each day, no extensions, and prices are up as “snow birds” return to Arizona. Despite some sort of stomach flu this weekend, I put as many hours as I could into the ride sharing gigs. But I need help to catch up, so I can save for a new place and get my life b ...Continue Reading

Last-minute crisis update!

December 7th 2018

Hello, I’ll be brief. The money situation is real bad. The mobile carrier warns that my cell phone account, several months late, is subject to suspension at any time. Maybe today. If I don’t pay the storage facility right away, they will sell all our stuff by Dec. 21. There’s more, but this is what’s most pressing. If you can help me at all covering some of these bills, please follow the usual method to send via PayPal. Login to:, login and use the Se ...Continue Reading


December 6th 2018

Hello, I’ve lived at the motel for nearly six months now, and it’s been an impossible situation. I can’t keep up with other payments, or save for a regular apartment, which is lots cheaper. As I said, I’m driving as many hours as I can handle, safely, at age 73. I’m working hard to boost cash flow for the sites and radio shows. By the time you read this, mobile phone service may have been disconnected. I have other bills, plus an expensive scheduled maintenance due shortly for my car. I ...Continue Reading

It's Getting Worse!

December 4th 2018

Hello, It’s collapsing around me. I am driving as many hours as I can handle safely, at my age, on Lyft and Uber. I am working hard to boost the radio show and sites and get more ads But I’m not keeping up. I’m facing disconnects, cancellations and more. I’m working hard, real hard, but I need to catch up. Can you help? For PayPal, please go to:, login and use the Send to friends and family option. Enter my email address, [email protected], and ...Continue Reading

I'm sinking fast!

December 1st 2018

Hello, I am driving as many hours as I can handle safely, at my age, on Lyft and Uber. I am working hard to boost the radio show and sites and get more ads But I’m not keeping up. The cell phone bill is late, and if the service is turned off, I can no longer do ride sharing. I also have to keep up with auto insurance and other expenses. The motel is a huge drain. But it’s that or going homeless. I’d rather live in an apartment, which is much cheaper, but I haven’t been able to put as ...Continue Reading

My money situation is getting worse!

November 29th 2018

Hello, It’s not easy juggling the cash I need, robbing Peter to pay Paul. The motel has to be paid each day to keep a roof over our heads. It’s much more expensive than a regular apartment, as you know. What this means is that auto insurance may be very late, or the cell phone, both of which are essential for Lyft and Uber driving. Then there is the storage facility, which houses all our goods. Again, the main goal is to get an affordable apartment and get off this train wreck before it’s ...Continue Reading

As a lonely weekend ends!

November 25th 2018

Hello, Other than the ride-sharing gigs, Barbara and I stayed at the motel this weekend. I woke up Sunday morning to a nasty surprise. The price is up by about 10%, and this isn’t unusual for this time of year. Prices for other motels I checked also increased by similar amounts. Again, I have to pay by 11 AM each day to have a place to stay. I’m trying to juggle what money I’ve earned, but I’m too far behind in pressing bills. Staying in a motel is unaffordable, but I’ve made no progres ...Continue Reading

Your Tech Night Owl Newsletter -- Issue #972

November 22nd 2018

THE TECH NIGHT OWL NEWSLETTER ***Issue #972*** November 22, 2018 SUPPORT THE SHOW AND ENJOY A PREMIUM TECH NIGHT OWL LIVE EXPERIENCE! You can now support our work directly with Tech Night Owl+! For a low monthly or annual subscription fee, you will receive access to an commercial-free higher-resolution version of The Tech Night Owl LIVE and other exclusive content. Remember that we aren’t paid for the ads run by the network on the show. FLASH! We’ve cut p ...Continue Reading

Another lonely holiday

November 21st 2018

Hello, Family is scattered around the country and we haven't seen most of them in years. Instead, we're still stuck in a motel trying to raise enough cash to survive a long holiday weekend. I made some progress raising money for the storage facility. But the they require full payment before we can regain access to our stuff. Each day, the motel has to be paid by 11 AM. And I’d like to pay a few days in advance for once to avoid the stress. I also need to raise enough money to cover the cos ...Continue Reading