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Archived Messages


You can help save my future!

October 17th 2018

Hi, You’ve been hearing about my financial problems for a while, so I’ll be brief. My financial ups and downs over the years have left me in a motel, living day-to-day, in danger of running out of money and becoming homeless. I’m late with the October payment to the storage facility. There’s where our household goods are stored. Other bills are due, but these are the most serious expenses. Through the years, I’ve also been harassed by a pack of cyberbullies that has also contacted p ...Continue Reading

I barely survived this weekend, and…

October 15th 2018

Hi, I have a couple of positive developments to report. I can accept payments via PayPal once again, and I am back at the ride-sharing gigs, but it will take a while for the cash flow to help much. There are still some serious problems to solve. I have to extend the motel reservation again today to keep the roof over our heads. I’m behind in payments to the storage facility, and the bill needs to be covered so I can keep all my stuff. That pack of cyberbullies continues to harass m ...Continue Reading

Stop the presses!

October 13th 2018

Hi, Stop the presses! PayPal works again. Here’s how to help today: Go to:, login and use the Send to friends and family option. Enter my email address, [email protected], and click or tap Next to continue the transaction. Thanks. Peace, Gene ...Continue Reading

A weekend cash emergency!

October 13th 2018

Hi, This is serious. My bank account is overdrawn. I have to pay for food and shelter. I am overdue with payments to the storage facility. My wallet is nearly empty. Since the bank account is negative, anything that’s sent through one of the peer-to-peer payment systems, such as Facebook Messenger and Venmo, will just go into the “black hole” of my bank account. I realize some of you would prefer not to use Western Union or Moneygram. But that’s the best way to help me today. ...Continue Reading

I can't handle this any longer!

October 12th 2018

Hi, I woke up this morning in crisis. My bank account is overdrawn. I have to pay the motel today to continue to stay here. I’m behind on payments to the storage facility where most of our stuff was placed. Not much food is left. You get the picture. Here’s how you can help me today with a donation: Facebook Messenger. You just need to connect to me in order to send a payment. Here’s my Facebook page: Another way to help is Venmo ...Continue Reading

I'll be lucky if I have enough money to continue after today!

October 11th 2018

Hi, This is frustrating. Since I was unable to pay the storage facility Wednesday, they added 20% to the bill. I have to pay real soon now to prevent them from disposing of my stuff. I have to pay the motel to extend my reservation today. But I was able to resume one of my ride-sharing gigs. A set of used tires, which will last a few months, was enough to pass inspection. Fortunately, nobody paid attention to the bogus complaint filed by a troll that I was using an unsafe vehicle to tra ...Continue Reading

Deadlines and More Deadlines

October 10th 2018

Hi, The financial pressures are mounting. Today, I have to pay the storage facility or they will tack on a 20% penalty. In a few more days, they can dispose of my furniture, all of it, if I don’t pay. The motel needs another payment so we can keep a roof over our heads. I am putting aside some money to cover the car, so I can resume ride sharing. But it’ll be a while longer, and every day means lost money. The PayPal problem is close to being resolved. For now, here’s how you can help ...Continue Reading

An important Tuesday update!

October 9th 2018

Hi, Unfortunately, not much has changed. I’ve not heard of any blowback from the bogus messages sent under my name by one of the online trolls. At least that’s a hopeful sign. The problem with the PayPal account is close to being resolved, so I’ll be able to receive donations there soon. I am trying to save money for several critical needs, such as the motel, replacing the tires on my car, and saving for a new apartment. Obviously a decent apartment is a lot cheaper than any motel. Saving ...Continue Reading

I'm Under Attack Again!

October 8th 2018

Hi, Monday morning in Arizona. A nasty online troll has been sending fake versions of my messages filled with vulgar language. If you receive a message of this sort, please ignore it, or forward to your ISP to investigate. Whatever someone thinks about my problems, there is no excuse for such conduct. So here’s what’s really going on: I managed to cover the motel through today, and I have to extend the reservation. I’ll have to pay the storage facility so we can keep our furniture. ...Continue Reading

Another Day, Another Deadline!

October 7th 2018

Hi, Sunday morning: Another day, another motel payment is due for us to have a place to stay. I also need to raise funds to cover the storage facility, so we keep our furniture. The obstacles are the same. The PayPal deficit is lower due to ad and recurring subscription payments, but it’ll probably take a few more days to be solvent. Until I replace the tires on the car, I’m not able to resume ride sharing. So I’ve temporarily lost critical sources of income. But can help me ...Continue Reading