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May 5, 2019

Explore the Possible Reality of a Hollow Earth with Brooks R. Agnew on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and guest cohost Mark Jackson present author and lecturer Brooks A. Agnew, an internationally acclaimed lecturer on energy, manufacturing, and more; as well as the host of X-Squared Radio. Brooks is a proponent of the very real science that supports a Hollow Earth and he plans to mount an expedition through uncharted Arctic territory to prove once and for all that these legends are real. Since Mark is a geologist, the implications of this theory will be discussed in detail. Agnew's background includes a stint in the Air Force and a Ph.D. in Physics.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on May 5: After UFO researcher William Puckett reports on three recent sightings, Gene, Randall and Guest Cohost Mark Jackson are rejoined by author and lecturer Brooks A. Agnew for a discussion that began on the May 5, 2019 episode of The Paracast. The main topic continues to be the scientific basis for the existence of a hollow Earth, possible breakaway civilizations, a secret government and methods to speed up space travel.

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The Search for the Hidden World
By Gene Steinberg

Regular listeners know that I have long been intrigued by legends of a Hollow Earth, where a secret breakaway civilization may exist. Well, we didn’t use that term years ago.

Among my original exposures to such lore was a series of sci-fi books from Edgar Rice Burroughs, about Pellucidar, the land beyond the poles. In these novels, adventurers travel through a polar tunnel and encounter a primitive race of humans ruled by intelligent flying reptiles.

But Burroughs cited older literature about a possible factual basis for such a theory in the framing sequence of the first volume in the series, “At the Earth’s Core,” published in 1914. In a later novel, Burroughs’ most famous character, Tarzan, travels to the Earth’s core on a rescue mission.

One of the more popular — if notorious — works on the subject was named, appropriately enough, “The Hollow Earth,” from Walter Isidor Siegmeister, writing under the name Raymond Bernard.

Richard Shaver also wrote about hidden civilizations, but he placed the two warring races, the deros and teros, in caves. Were it not for the efforts of sci-fi writer/editor Ray Palmer, who rescued a Shaver manuscript from the trash bin at Amazing Stories magazine, the unknown author would have remained unknown.

While editing and publishing Flying Saucers and Search magazines, Palmer also republished an obscure book from the early 20th century, “The Smoky God.” Although it was clearly a fictional work about a voyage to the inner Earth, Palmer suggested it was factual since the book itself never actually presented the story as anything else.

Over the years, Palmer actively touted Hollow Earth lore, and presented article after article on the subject, sometimes linking it to Shaver’s claims of hidden civilizations. The hotly disputed claims that Admiral Richard Byrd actually discovered evidence of holes at the poles were promoted. The cover of one issue of Flying Saucers, evidently showing a circular cloud formation, was delivered as evidence that the legendary polar opening existed.

Later on, Palmer latched on to the possibility that the hole at the pole actually took you through a dimensional portal to an astral realm. In other words, it wasn’t actually a physical place you could visit in a physical sense. Or maybe you could. Palmer died before he had a chance to fully explore the beliefs that he hid from his readers for many years.

Now some suggest that Palmer actually promoted controversial — and sometimes outrageous — claims in order to sell magazines and spur discussions in the letters to the editor pages. Palmer actively debated the issues with his readers.

Indeed, I once met up with a colleague of Palmer’s, sci-fi author Otto Binder, who matter-of-factly made that claim. Binder had a long history writing both factual and fictional material. He was editor of Space World magazine, which published stories about the fledgling space program of the 1950s and 1960s, but he also wrote factual books about UFOs.

His sci-fi credentials included stints writing dialogue for the original Capitan Marvel comics, before the character was temporarily discontinued due to an ongoing dispute over intellectual property with the publishers of Superman. The character has since reemerged as Shazam. In 1959, Binder created Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes.

After speaking at length with Binder about Palmer, I reconsidered my views. While I was favorably disposed towards Ray, I didn’t disagree with the claim that he was just writing fantastic material to garner an audience. He still had to sell magazines to put food on the table.

Over the years when I co-published Caveat Emptor, a paranormal/counter culture magazine, I featured a number of short articles from Shaver. Although I didn’t quite buy the concept of secret civilizations in caverns, I found it intriguing. I also followed Hollow Earth lore with similar interest.

In the 1970s, I wrote a short book on the subject under a pseudonym. Although it was largely completed and edited, I couldn’t generate enough interest on the part of any small publishers, and decided not to print my own version. Remember, those were the days before on-demand publishing was invented.

In case you’re wondering, the manuscript disappeared long ago, a tragedy of relocating from place to place over the years. I don’t hold out much hope that it will ever be located, and I have no inclination to try to write it all over again.

While I remain interested in the theory, I haven’t actually taken it very seriously, although we’ve featured several Paracast episodes on the topic. On April 28th, we interviewed Tim Swarz, who has written about the Hollow Earth on several occasions.

For May 5th, we presented Brooks A. Agnew, an author and lecturer on a variety of topics, who is seriously evaluating the scientific possibilities. The guest cohost, Mark Jackson (TDSR in our forums) was the ideal person to bring along on this episode, because he is a geologist.

Agnew spoke of recent discoveries about our planet that may cause scientists to reconsider the prevailing wisdom about its composition. Clearly Agnew takes it seriously, particularly the possibilities of a polar opening to the hidden world.

In fact, he is even planning to mount a polar expedition to test the theory, assuming he can raise the cash to make it happen.

But if the Earth and other planets in our solar system are hollow, does that mean that life exists in those hidden realms? One possible candidate is Mars, where its surface atmosphere has dissipated over millions of years. Is it possible that more favorable conditions exist there beneath the surface, thus creating an environment for a race of intelligent Martians?

What about here on Earth? What might we find there anyway? A breakaway civilization consisting of people who, for one reason or another, chose to leave the surface world?

At the end of the day, however, one would think that these possibilities would have already been explored and, if true, confirmed by our own scientists. Do our governments possess guilty knowledge of a second Earth beneath the surface? Is that what UFO disclosure would reveal?

Or can we safely consign such legends to the gray basket of unproven claims?

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Your personal information is safe with us. We will positively never give out your name and/or e-mail address to anybody else, and that's a promise!