Barbara is trying to heal from major surgery!

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Subject: Barbara is trying to heal from major surgery!
Date: June 14th 2018


So I brought Barbara home to heal from her surgery Wednesday afternoon.

Two hours later, we were notified by the Community Manager that they wouldn’t take my rent payment and the Writ to have us locked out had been filed.

This means the constable can come at any time from 9 AM until 6 PM on weekdays. As early as today.

I have asked the rental office to give us a couple of more days, but no dice. I told her about Barbara's health, but she wouldn’t listen.

When the constable arrives, he will give us 15 minutes to leave; we will have 21 days to return to pick up the rest of our stuff.

I don’t know how Barbara can get ready to leave in hours let alone 15 minutes. This is torture.

We can afford a motel for a short time. I will try to find a landlord who will cut us some slack and grant us a lease, but it won’t be easy.

I have contacted several local charitable agencies to see if they can provide assistance.

I am still wondering whether I should just give it all up and see if I can get admitted to a nursing home. I’m old enough.

But if you can help, I will do everything I can to find an affordable place to live — and a way to stay there.

If you can send a donation, please go to:, login and use the Send to friends and family option. Enter my email address,, and click or tap Next to continue the transaction.

PayPal now has a way to do instant transfers to a bank account for a 1% fe, so it’s the best way to help.

But I can also accept donations through Facebook Messenger and Apple Pay Cash via the Messages app. I’ve also established a Facebook fundraiser, but it takes at least 7 days for payment to be sent to my bank.

If you’re not able to send a donation, feel free to forward this message to someone who might assist.

If you have any questions about my situation, please don’t hesitate to write, and if you want more details about my lifestyle, please read this blog:

To receive regular updates about my personal situation, please sign up here:


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