The Wrap-Up!

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Subject: The Wrap-Up!
Date: April 14th 2018

Dear Listener,

For the past few weeks, you’ve received unexpected issues of The Paracast Newsletter from me updating you on my personal financial situation.

I did not make that decision lightly.

I was faced with the near-immediate prospect of becoming homeless, and thus I needed to take desperate messages.

I’m grateful that most of you stuck with me anyway. Only a few quit the newsletter.

I appreciate that.

I’m in a new apartment, and as I said, it’s affordable and located in a decent neighborhood. I’m hoping to stay a while and I continue to work hard to get out of the financial mess.

As some of you who have searched me online know, there is a group of trolls that has been actively attacking me for nearly eight years. They have called and written to people demanding they not donate, appear on my shows, or advertise on my shows. Some also continue to post blogs continuing to fear-monger about my situation.

I am sure this offensive online behavior has only prolonged my financial nightmare.

In any case, this newsletter is about The Paracast and not about my money woes.

Well I continue to welcome further help, if you wish to know about my situation going forward, I invite you to subscribe to a special newsletter that I have devoted to the subject.

For more information, please check this link:

In the meantime, thanks for putting up with me.

Gene Steinberg

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