Horror Games Translate Well to VR – Here’s the Scariest of 2021

Here’s the scariest titles you’ll find on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Index, or Windows Platforms

Virtual Reality didn’t take off back in the 1990s, primarily because the technology just wasn’t there to make it a compelling experience at that time. Players complained of headaches after short sessions, motion sickness, and other ailments all attributed to their time in a virtual world.

Fast forward to 2021, and things have changed dramatically – Oculus was the first company to realize that technology had progressed to the point that real VR could now be achieved. The release of their Rift headset triggered a storm of VR productshitting the market, and this time, the technology was ready. The hardware quickly began to revolutionize many sectors such as virtual traveling, virtual training, virtual concerts, and even online casinos.

Imagine playing a game of online Live Roulette, then checking out the blackjack, baccarat, and poker tables all within a truly immersive casino environment. But get bored of playing games, and you can simply walk out the door, to find a huge open-world RPG to take part in as well. Virtual Reality will be a game-changer for online casinos.

Putting on your headset, shutting out the real world, and entering a horror game can be truly frightening – you are completely removed from your current surroundings, and even the fact you probably won’t be moving around much fails to take away from the horrifying experience you are about to have.

Let’s look at a handful of the scariest titles that will be released for all the major VR platforms this year. But be warned, these games are not for the faint-hearted – virtual reality lends itself so well to horror games, that it’s surprising we haven’t seen even more of them so far.

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

You’ve foolishly taken the night shift at a store with a known haunting problem, and worse still, they haven’t installed sufficient lighting to make the place truly suitable for 24-hour operation. It doesn’t matter if you are yet to play the older games – Five Night’s at Freddy’s will terrify you, and the PC version is already available on Steam. If you dare.

Note that this game can be played without a VR headset too if you wish, though you’d be mad to miss out on the extra immersion that VR provides in this awesome horror game.

Botched Surgery

This is an Oculus exclusive that uses black and white to try and invoke extra terror. Considering our world is color, this seems a strange choice, but it does match the era of the game, which is set in the 1940s. Take control of Robert Wilson, a man who went into hospital for heart surgery, but awoke without a heart at all. This is a psychological thriller at heart, and the story that develops is both complex and interesting.

Now that you have no heart, the hospital has changed – you can’t be sure who is real and who is not, ghosts are roaming the corridors, and many puzzles to complete to progress through the story. Some might say the game relies a little too heavily on jump scares to invoke its terror – but they really will scare you out of your wits, make no mistake about that.

Dark Story on a Sunny Day

Thankfully, this horror game is available for all the major VR platforms except for the PSVR system – that doesn’t seem to get a lot of love these days, apart from, the odd title from Sony. Let’s put that aside for now anyway and talk about this game that reminds you more than a little of the plot of the Walking Dead.

You’ll need to find other survivors whilst dodging flesh-eating zombies – or maybe we should call them walkers? – as you make your way across a scorching backdrop set in Arizona. There’s plenty of secrets to discover, the co-op mode allows you and a friend to work together, pilfering loot and blasting zombies in the head as you go. The DLC is well worth a look for this one too, as it adds some great new missions and guns to the game.