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Has Don Ecker left us for good? If he hasn't would someone tell me where to find his shows. We miss you Mr. Ecker.
I also miss Don Ecker and Bill Birnes. Can you invite them to the Paracast?
Mr Siverback, I lost track of your show back when you interviewed Billy Cox back in March. I was going to join kgra recently but I couldn't find you on the menu and they refuse to answer my inquires. Long time listener with similar backgrounds and am missing Dark Matters. Still on air?
Hi Randall
I have been listening to the Paracast for years but just joined the forum.
I think I can explain your terminator question.
I'm always a few days behind on listening to my subscribed podcasts so have you already got this one figured out?
Thanks to all our listeners for continuing to tune-in to the show on radio and online
And a special thanks to everyone who checked out my first ever music video on YouTube !

This member has been banned until November for unconstructive behavior damaging to The Paracast.
Randall, it seems Gene has his attention elsewhere for good reason. Hopefully the show "must go on"? Is there a forum or conversation going about introducing potential guests to the show?
The worst part of trying to craft a meaningful status message is that 140 characters just isn't enough to get across the actual truth about
I’m trying to relisten to an episode from a few years ago I believe. I want to say the book that was being promoted was Terror in the Woods?
It had audio from a bow hunter that was trapped in a tree while almost robotic type aliens were below? Does anyone remember his name or the name of the book or episode?
Hi Gene, for some reason i have dropped out of plus, checked paypal and did not see any payment activity. Is there a reason for this at your end?
Gene Steinberg
Gene Steinberg
Your subscription ended on October 13th. I received notices from PayPal that it was not able to process the payment, but will try again on the 23rd. You should make sure there is sufficient funds in there to cover the payment. If you have any further questions, please open a private conversation with me.
I THOUGHT I heard the Canadian 'accent' in your voice. lucky you to be living there.
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Thanks for the comment! Can I ask where you're located?
Good evening Chris. I live in the UK ... I play slide guitar and some fiddle, some blues harp ,It was great to hear you connect with Jacques Vallee on the programme today, I'm an enthusiast like you and to connect with your heroes is rare, most I've met have feet of clay,
I really felt for you today, you reminded me of me !! I hope your health improves and like is kind to you and yours.
Cheers Charles