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Gene Steinberg

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Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule Explored on The Paracast

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Sunday, February 14, 2010: The Paracast, with Gene Steinberg and David Biedny, covers a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions across the planet.

Set Up: The Paracast hosts interview long-time researchers in the field, to shed light on the mysteries and complexities of our Universe and the secrets that surround us in our everyday lives.

Join Gene and David as they explore the realms of the known and unknown, and hear great stories of the history of the paranormal field in the 20th and 21st centuries.

This Week's Episode: Paranormal researcher Micah A. Hanks, author of "Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule: The Search for Sentient Intelligence from Other Worlds," explores the incredible things we don't understand about our universe. During the latter part of the episode, David will reveal more of his personal experiences.

Micah A. Hanks' Blog: http://gralienreport.com/</p> Coming February 21: UFO experiencer David Andrew reports on a lifetime of sightings and encounters with mysterious creatures. He also has severe criticisms to offer about some of the well-known flying saucer contacts.</p> David Andrew's Site: http://dandrew.homestead.com/Main.html</p> Reminder: Don't forget to visit our always-active Discussion Forums for the latest news/views/debates on all things paranormal (and note our new Internet address): The Paracast Community Forums. We've just completed a major redesign to make our community even easier to access, with more convenience features to boot.

Celebrating the Return of UFO Watchdog

When Royce Myers III started UFO Watchdog, it marked the return of the quest for reality in the field. Now Royce wasn't the first person to attempt to separate the good people from the bad ones. Lots of UFO magazines tried that through the years, with varying degrees of success.

Once upon a time, an organization that went by the name of CSI (for Civilian Saucer Intelligence) of New York published extensive investigative pieces dissecting the fanciful claims of the flying saucer fringe. A similar worthy effort was performed by Yonah Fortner and John J. Robinson (both deceased) in an obscure newsletter known as the "Journal of Correlative Philosophy."

In retrospect, Dr. Fortner, through his series of "Saucer News" articles under the combined title of "Extraterrestrial as an Historical Doctrine," presented pioneering research into the appearance of so-called "Ancient Astronauts" in humankind's early history. Although Erich von Daniken is often credited with originating this concept, the real innovators included Dr. Fortner, Desmond Leslie and Brinsley Le Poer Trench. But they are no longer with us to protest.

Even Jim Moseley, editor of an irreverent newsletter entitled "Saucer Smear," got into the act. Although he engaged in several notorious flying saucer hoaxes over the years, working in concert with the late Gray Barker, he also featured real investigative reporting in the original "Saucer News," in addition to those pieces from Dr. Fortner. Indeed, his "Special Adamski Expose Issue" shed much needed light on many of the fanciful claims of the granddaddy of UFO contacts.

Alas, in this era of soundbites, not much in the way of investigative journalism is being practiced. Into the breach came UFO Watchdog, which put prominent UFO figures in a Hall of Fame or a Hall of Shame, solely dependent on the caliber of their work, or lack thereof.

UFO Watchdog became nothing if not controversial. Indeed, one of the people placed in the Hall of Shame, one Sean David Morton, filed a defamation lawsuit against Myers. Fortunately, logic and reason prevailed in the courtroom, and Morton lost.

But UFO Watchdog was strictly a labor of love, and Myers finally gave up the great fight and went back to having a regular life. Although the site was rarely updated, it remained online. Finally, we at The Paracast asked Myers if we could take it over.

That may, of course, have been a mistake, but we realized we could;t allow all that great work to die, and, after doing this radio show for four years, we;e come to realize that both the Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame need to be expanded. Indeed, we are also establishing a separate section, The Gray Basket, where we will profile people who have put their feet into both camps.

As I;ve stated in our forums, UFO Watchdog is a work in progress. One of the most active members of our growing community, Michael Schuyler, spent many hours updating Myers; work, adding new material and then reorganizing the site. The update went live this past week, and traffic has already more than doubled.

We are now seeking volunteer writing and research help, as we have loads of useful suggestions about additions to all sections of the site. Another of our forum regulars, Bob Heck, is busy transitioning UFO Watchdog to a full-blown content management system, known as Joomla! What his means is that all the articles and illustrations will be stored in one large database, giving us the freedom to update the entire site quickly with new features, and a revised, more modern look and feel.

To be sure, our work has just begun. At the same time, we hope that you readers will understand the need to continue to expose the fakers in the UFO field for what they are. It's the only way we;ll be able to place the focus on the serious, productive researchers and maybe get a handle on what's really going on in our skies for all these years.

In the meantime, if you want to a real reality check, please pay a visit to ufowatchdog.com to learn more.

Gene Steinberg
Co-Host, "The Paracast"

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