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Your Paracast Newsletter -- September 19, 2009

Gene Steinberg

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Your Paracast Newsletter

September 19, 2009

Discover the Secrets of Vampires and Other Creatures of the Night on The Paracast

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Flash Notice: Sunday, September 20, 2009: The Paracast, with Gene Steinberg and David Biedny, covers a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions across the planet.

Set Up: The Paracast hosts interview long-time researchers in the field, to shed light on the mysteries and complexities of our Universe and the secrets that surround us in our everyday lives.

Join Gene and David as they explore the realms of the known and unknown, and hear great stories of the history of the paranormal field in the 20th and 21st centuries.

This Week's Episode: Veteran and highly-prolific paranormal author and lecturer Brad Steiger, author of the new book, Real Vampires, Night Stalkers and Creatures from the Darkside, returns to The Paracast to speak about frightening encounters with evil entities of the night.

Brad and Sherry Steiger's Site: http://bradandsherry.com/

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In the modern UFO era, a number of people have claimed to be in touch with the pilots of flying saucers. Back in 1952, perhaps the granddaddy of the traditional UFO contact cultist, George Adamski, claimed he had met up with an alien in the California desert.

Clad in a shiny, silvery uniform, perhaps not unlike the personage depicted by actor Michael Rennie in "The Day the Earth Stood Still," the being in question delivered a message of peace and brotherhood. It was time, said our "space brothers," for us to give up the tools of war and be respectful of each other.

Well, there is nothing wrong with the message. But the form and function very much mirrored that science fiction film, in which Rennie's character, the legendary Klaatu, warned Earthlings that they were prepared to destroy us if we didn't join their galactic federation.

In retrospect, I suppose it's easy to suggest that Adamski and other contactees of that era were highly influenced by this same film. Later, contactee Howard Menger even provided alleged photos that depicted a craft very much resembling the one depicted in the movie's final scenes.

It's easy to assume that all of these contactees were peddling similar stories in search of fame and fortune. Indeed, some attracted bands of followers to their cause. As for Adamski, he had actually written a book years earlier delivering a similar message, one that, however, came from a messenger from God rather than a messenger from another planet. So perhaps he simply found a better way to market his beliefs.

In older times, a number of people wrote of similar encounters, but not with flying saucer pilots. Instead, the entities were all heavenly beings of some sort. I suppose, though, it's easy to suggest that the experiences were simply interpreted in accordance with the prevailing beliefs and attitudes of a particular time. But that's no less true than the modern UFO era, and there's still no certainty that the message is genuine, or that the messenger is what he or she claims to be.

Such researchers such as Jacques Vallee, John Keel and Brad Steiger warned that these alleged creatures from space were not to be believed, that they were not here to help us, but perhaps to harm us. We don't know the real motivations, so we have been urged to observe extreme caution in dealing with any unknown beings.

So far as I'm concerned, I would simply prefer not to have to even consider the implications of such an encounter. I haven't had any UFO experiences that I know about, nor am I anxious for that situation to change anytime soon -- or ever. The effort, to my way of thinking, is not worth the consequences, which may not always be so pleasant.

Certainly the traditional UFO abductions are almost invariably horrifying experiences. Imagine being plucked from your bed in the middle of the night and taken aboard a strange craft, where you might undergo strange scientific experiments. Some of these experiencers even claimed that they were forced to become the progenitors of an alien/human hybrid race, that the space people were actually here to repair their damaged gene pool.

Now it's far to say that I don't know whether the traditional contactees or the abductees actually had genuine experiences. I suspect that some of them may have actually experienced a paranormal encounter of one sort or another, but they cannot interpret the actual nature of the visitation. Maybe it was beyond their understanding, so they resorted to the familiar with which to interpret the unfamiliar.

Regardless of what you think about all these claims, it's a sure thing that you should be extremely skeptical about what any strange being communicates to you, whether they seem to come from Earth or claim to have landed in a spaceship from another world. I'm not one to quote the Bible, but there is that passage that seems extremely apt in such circumstances: "Ye shall know them by their fruits."

Gene Steinberg
Co-Host, "The Paracast"

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