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Your Paracast Newsletter — September 18, 2022

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
September 18, 2022

Former Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Engineer Raymond Szymanski Explores Roswell, UFO Abductions and Classic Sightings on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present Raymond Szymanski, an award winning author, researcher, and an acknowledged expert on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) and its purported alien connections. In his first book, "Alien Shades of Greys: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Beyond," Raymond reveals compelling evidence and research that supports long held rumors of Wright-Patterson’s alien involvement. Forty years of employment at the fabled Air Force Base, where Roswell crash wreckage was allegedly examined, has given Raymond unique access to locations and individuals providing tantalizing information on Men in Black, dead aliens, and the elusive Hangar 18. Is there really a Hangar 18, or is that just a rumor or fodder for sci-fi stories? He also discusses such classic cases as the 1965 UFO "Incident at Exeter, the 1966 Michigan "Swamp Gas" UFO, the 1975 Travis Walton abduction, and the 1980 Rendlesham Forest encounters.

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on September 18: Former Wright-Patterson Air Force Base engineer and UFO author Raymond Szymanski returns to explain to Gene and cohost Tim Swartz why this is expected to be his final radio interview As author of three books on the subject, he has appeared on a number of radio and TV shows in recent years. He talks about his misadventures while investigating classic cases, such as a possible disembodied voice he heard while visiting the site of the 1965 Exeter, NH sighting, and a possible Man in Black or intelligence agent that he saw when visiting the site of the 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident. He also explains why he thinks the Pentagon UAP project has already made a difference. In 2011, before he began his UFO studies, he retired as a Senior Engineer/Scientist from the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson.

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So Where’s My UAP?
By Gene Steinberg

If you can believe all the UFO disclosure advocates who’ve been at it for over seven decades now, we’d long ago have come to grips with the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth. We might have even made public contact with them, and we are now dealing with the expected huge changes to society.

Or whatever.

Of course, no such thing has come to pass. While most people who believe or accept the existence of UFOs will attribute them to physical spaceships from other planets, a true public revelation to that effect remains a pipedream.

But it’s widely believed that the government’s of Earth — or at least some of them — know the truth and have decided not, at this point, to reveal anything for undisclosed reasons. The recent Pentagon UFO studies, which have changed depending on the year and entries in the budget, have provided mixed results.

So yes, they report, UAPs appear to be real. They do not appear to be aircraft from other countries, but there is no evidence that they have an offworld origin. Of course, that takes us to what they regard as evidence, which appears to be unstated.

But applying a little common sense would mean something more direct, something physical, something you can see, smell (?) and touch perhaps?

Of course, long-time followers of UFO lore would say that the Roswell episode from 1947 qualifies. A crashed flying saucer was found, the wreckage gathered up, and was taken to a military base, perhaps Wright-Patterson in Dayton, OH.

Indeed, on this weekend’s episode of The Paracast, we featured Raymond Szymanski, who worked as a “lifer” as an engineer there, employed from his graduation from engineering school until his retirement in 2011. As the author of three UFO books, he asserts that the retrieved materials definitely went to the base, although he takes that from statements from some of the Roswell witnesses.

It’s not as if he personally saw anything, since such matters were not part of his “need to know.”

But the possibility of alien bodies is iffy to him, which simply supports what author and former soldier Kevin D. Randle wrote in his 2016 wrap-up book on the incident, “Roswell in the 21st Century.”

That doesn’t mean there were no dead or dying aliens, assuming a spaceship crashed there. It mainly means that the testimony to that effect is questionable.

In any case, if the wreckage came from outer space, it would be a fact known to the U.S. military for 75 years. Would that mean that the Pentagon’s statement that there isn’t evidence to prove an offworld origin is a lie? The conspiracy theory might suggest that the UFO secret is now held above — way above — top secret and thus isn’t available to rank and file officials, even the President.

But surely someone in the Pentagon would have asked, right? Or were they simply told that it was a Project Mogul balloon and don’t worry about it.

Again, however, without physical evidence, how can the source of the UFOs be demonstrated?

All right, we have people who claim to have been in contact with — or abducted by — aliens in various forms. The beings are variously described as grays, insectoids, reptilians and, in some cases, Nordics (meaning light-haired humans). It’s fun to speculate about different ETs vying for attention, working separately or together to advance their hidden agendas, or maybe it’s all about mental trickery.

So when I bring up that possibility to people who’ve investigated the abduction phenomenon, they talk of screen memories, that witnesses might have had memories of their encounters suppressed. So they recall huge owls with huge eyes, but a simple dose or two of hypnotic regression will bring forth the actual memories.

This supposition ignores the possibility that any alien race advanced enough to journey across the stars would have the technology to wipe a memory, or at least suppress it better than they do. It’s almost as if they want us to unlock it all with a few tricks.

Or they do not understand human physiology, which would seem to be illogical considering how long they’ve allegedly been here.

Returning to the Pentagon’s UAP studies, joined by NASA recently, it doesn’t seem as if they are really accomplishing all that much. They repeat the same basic observations about the Naval sightings from 2004 onward. They have been captured on video, they outmaneuver our craft, they don’t come from other countries, and there’s no proof ET is here.


They ignore the numerous sightings dating back to World War II. They pretend nobody outside the military has seen anything strange, or at least they don’t consider the possibility. There also appears to be no evidence of any attempt to look into the history of UFOs to see if there’s any evidence that would lead to some sensible conclusions.

It’s almost as if the whole project is meant to mollify the people who want disclosure, particularly the politicians who have shepherded funding for it in the military budget. Since it’s rare to discontinue projects — they just add to a budget that grows every year despite what the politicians say — we can be reasonably assured they will be looking after the UAP phenomenon for many years.

And that they will come up with nothing.

Now perhaps the mere fact that they appear to be taking it seriously, and aren’t going out of their way to debunk sightings as Project Blue Book did in the early days, indicates that progress has been made.

With such people as former President Obama and two CIA heads, Brennan and Woolsey — and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for that matter — asking for such investigations, the whole matter carries a higher level of authority than it used to.

You’d like to think that a President and CIA directors would already have access to the information they need to determine what’s really going on. That they are asking for answers makes the matter all the more curious. After all these years, wouldn’t there be enough solid information to reach some conclusions, or at least determine why they can’t?

Or does some agency hidden within the “secret government” or “deep state” want to keep it all to themselves?

All so curious.

Despite the seriousness with which the subject is being treated, it still doesn’t dominate the headlines. The media is inundated with the latest political byplay, the seeming endless war in the Ukraine, the crisis of the day and so on and so forth.

A revelation that we are being visited by extraterrestrials ought to be the story of the ages. But few people seem to care one way or the other. We can have disclosure and it would probably merit a 30 second tidbit at the end of a newscast, or a tiny story buried in the back pages of a newspaper. And nothing more, sad to say.

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