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Your Paracast Newsletter — September 13, 2020

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
September 13, 2020

Discover the Work of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) with Richard Hoffman on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall welcome UFO researcher Richard Hoffman for a return visit. As of this interview, Rich has been following the topic for well over 50 decades. He is a member of NARCAP, the Planetary Society, and works among a group of academics and scientists with the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU). In his working life, he is an Enterprise Architect working at Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. One of Rich’s projects is the investigation of mysterious balls of lights that appear in Alabama. In this interview, we talk to Rich about this light phenomenon, its history, and Rich’s ongoing investigation into UFOs. He also talks about the Pentagon's UFO task force, and what the government might know about the phenomenon.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies: Home | The SCU

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on September 13: Long-time UFO researcher Richard Hoffman joins Gene and Randall to continue the discussion that began on the September 13, 2020 episode of The Paracast. In addition to the Pentagon UFO task force, he talks about the work of the late researcher Leonard Stringfield, who spent years cataloging possible UFO crash/retrievals. He also talks about the influence of Captain Edward Ruppelt, author of the 1950s book, 'The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects," as an original source of UFO information, and his expectations for ongoing work of the SCU in its continuing studies of the phenomenon from cultural and scientific aspects.

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Is the Secret of UFOs in Warehouse 13?
By Gene Steinberg

If you’re a regular follower of fantasy and sci-fi on TV, you might recall a SyFy Channel show, “Warehouse 13,” that was likely loosely inspired by the ending of “Raiders of the Lost Arc.”

There’s where government bureaucrats place the recovered Arc of the Covenant in a dusty warehouse, where it is left and, no doubt, soon forgotten.

But “Warehouse 13” was depicted as part of a global network of repositories for magical artifacts that, if taken forth and brought into the world could cause unimaginable havoc. It was a fun fantasy that soon ran out of steam because the stories became more and more outrageous.

Yet it brings to mind how governments might treat recovered artifacts that are way out of one’s comfort zone, such as a crashed flying saucer.

So it is assumed by some who believe that the Roswell UFO was a crashed spaceship that it was taken to a military base for further evaluation. Was it Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the ever-mysterious Area 51? Doesn’t matter. Clearly it would receive the appropriate level of scientific scrutiny to see what it was all about.

This would especially be true if one or more bodies of possible extraterrestrials were recovered.

If any of that were true, you could assume the nation’s finest engineers and scientists would be gathered to pore over the recovered materials in search of data, technology and, if any of the crew members were alive, the secrets of the space people.

Of course there are practical considerations that aren’t often mentioned.

So if objects and lifeforms that might originate on other planets were found, what measures would the authorities take to protect us from possible alien infections? Didn’t the space creatures depicted in “War of the Worlds” succumb to the common cold? Wouldn’t that be a genuine potential danger?

What pathogens might ET bring us, or would they assume they had taken measures against infection since they were already among us? After all, pandemics haven’t broken out in areas where they’ve appeared, and the one humans are confronting now is surely of terrestrial origin.

But even if such material was recovered from one or more crash sites, can we assume that it is getting the appropriate scientific scrutiny? What if the military opted to take these hot potatoes and get them as far away from anyone as possible? What if they feared possible negative consequences to national security — and don’t forget the potential for alien viruses — and stored all of it in secure places until they figured out what to do next?

So perhaps it was all classified Above Top Secret, the details stored in thick black binders, and put somewhere in the hopes that others would someday deal with it. Just not them!

As the decades passed, and new administrations took over, the core details were buried deeper and deeper. Maybe there are a few survivors around who might be willing to violate security and reveal the truth. Or maybe, after all these years, they have all gone on to their rewards, and there is nobody left to testify as to the original state of affairs.

So buried somewhere, in an underground installation of some sort, there is the wreckage of travelers from another solar system.

That assumes nobody from their home world came back to retrieve the wreckage and deal appropriately with the local primitives. If that is how it really played out, maybe the witnesses were all given Neuralyzer treatments and given a false story about what happened. That way, the truth was forever buried.

So the Roswell wreckage wasn’t recovered. It was removed, and the witnesses only had their false memories on which to rely.

That idea might seem less plausible than the version that many people have believed all these years, only it might be more logical. Why would ET allow us to recover evidence of their technology so it could be analyzed and, perhaps, duplicated over time? Wouldn’t that present a security problem for our visitors?

I mean, if we are being visited by ET, if they wanted us to know their secrets, they’d be perfectly capable of telling us what we were prepared to know. If they are capable of interstellar travel, surely they’d have the technology to reduce or eliminate the possibility of unfortunate accidents — and succumbing to our primitive radar technology is just illogical — or dealing with the fallout.

Just leaving it in the hands of Earthlings would be a foolish act, unless it was deliberate of course. But that takes us further into an Alice in Wonderland” universe of alternative facts.

So I suppose one can suggest that ET wanted us to recover wreckage of one of their spaceships. Possibly it was crashed deliberately, and we were allowed to deal with it as we will. When we are advanced enough to reverse engineer their advanced technology, we are presumably prepared to deal with the consequences, including their presence on Earth.

Or maybe not.

Now this all assumes that something extraterrestrial truly crashed at Roswell, just as the legend portrays. Maybe there were dead bodies, maybe there weren’t. But except for unproven rumors from time to time, there has never been actual evidence of where the ship was taken or what was done with it.

No, I do not believe that Colonel Philip Corso, co-author with William Birnes of the “Day After Roswell,” was a bagman for alien technology stored in a file cabinet, which he carefully doled out to private industry over the years. It’s not that the technology was clearly invented by Earth people and the timelines for that technology are well established, it’s just that it strains logic.

Or maybe, good soldier that he was, it was all meant as an intelligence operation, perhaps to smoke out possible spies or those attempting to become whistleblowers. The prospect of possessing recovered materials from another planet was used to tempt targeted individuals to see where they’d take the news, and thus capture a few traitors along the way.

Not plausible?

Well, don’t forget that, based on Freedom of Information documents from the 1950s, the FBI was busy probing into the affairs of at least some flying saucer contactees to see if they were actually Soviet spies.

It may seem outrageous now, but in those days, Cold War paranoia struck deep.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility that any recovered alien wreckage might have been spirited away and placed in a secure facility never to be seen again. Or was recovered by ET along with their flight data recorders to make sure such crashes didn’t happen again.

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