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Your Paracast Newsletter — October 8, 2017

Discussion in 'The Paracast Newsletter' started by Gene Steinberg, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Gene Steinberg

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    October 8, 2017

    Filmmaker Paul Kimball Discusses Ghosts and Hauntings on The Paracast

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    This Week's Episode: Gene and Chris present filmmaker Paul Kimball to talk about ghosts, hauntings, and the other stuff that he’s working on as part of my new series for Canadian television called “Haunted,” which he hosts along with Holly Stevens. Paul writes, “Whilst I would prefer for this to be a ‘UFO free’ episode, I’m happy to talk about the 50th anniversary Shag Harbour UFO Festival,” and so he does. You’ll also learn about the strange ghost-like phenomena that appears to follow the “Haunted” production crew around as they travel to places where ghosts have been reported. And did Paul receive messages from beyond the grave that may have been sent by the late paranormal investigator and author Mac Tonnies?

    Chris O’Brien’s Blog: Our Strange Planet

    Paul Kimball's Facebook Page: Paul Kimball - The Other Side of Truth

    After The Paracast -- Available exclusively to Paracast+ subscribers on October 8: Gene and special guest Paul Kimball take the discussion of hauntings and mysterious entities to another level. Paul also delivers his pointed reactions to the work of filmmaker James Fox, especially the latter’s participation in the failed reality show, “Chasing UFOs.” Paul also accuses Dolan of selling out, citing the Roswell Slides debacle as a key example. In contrast, Paul recalls a session he did with the “UFO Hunters” TV show, where he refused to state that the 1957 RB-47 UFO encounter was caused by space aliens. You’ll find out just what happened to that segment as a result. There will definitely be ruffled feathers.

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    The Ultimate UFO Dilemma?
    By Gene Steinberg

    I obviously don’t like to receive letters from listeners who are canceling their memberships to The Paracast+. When it happens, I will often ask why, and common reasons include needing to conserve funds, but there are some subscribers who are just sick and tired of the whole UFO mess.

    Since debuting in 2006, The Paracast has featured many of the so-called greats and near-greats in the UFO field. I know a number of these individuals, and, along with Chris O’Brien’s own colleagues, we have built a substantial archive of paranormal programming.

    But I can see where the stories, often told, can become somewhat tiresome. We do not need to hear recaps about Roswell and other classic cases — or myths — after all these years, unless there is something new to say.

    Unfortunately, a lot of what’s new doesn’t always treat those old reports so favorably. So on a recent episode of our premium podcast, After The Paracast, filmmaker Paul Kimball explained why perhaps half of the cases selected for his 2005 film, “Best Evidence,” probably do not hold up very well anymore.

    Researcher Kevin D. Randle has spent the last few years revisiting the older cases to see if he can find solutions based on new evidence and taking a more realistic approach to the value of eyewitness testimony.

    Don’t forget that Randle is highly skeptical of hypnotic regression, a common technique used to dig up possibly suppressed memories of UFO abductions. The danger of accidentally leading a witness to recall something that didn’t actually happen is just one ongoing concern.

    In his recent book, “Roswell in the 21st Century,” Randle looked at the legendary crash of a possible UFO as a cold case. He found some of the evidence seriously wanting, forcing him to recant some of his conclusions. He can no longer assert with any certainty that it involved a spaceship, or that alien bodies were seen in connection with the crashed object. He stops way short, however, of suggesting that it was a military experiment gone wrong, or just a weather balloon.

    This is the sort of intellectual honesty that is sadly lacking in the UFO field, where some researchers, once they grab on to a possibly compelling case, will never let it go. Whether the result of their inability to admit they were wrong, or the ongoing ability to earn a living from rehashing all that old evidence, I won’t say. I’m sure the answers are obvious in some cases.

    One listener who recently cancelled a Paracast+ subscription wrote that he was tired of hearing the same old stuff about UFOs. Nothing is ever resolved. UFO clubs and researchers come and go, and most scientists still won’t take the subject seriously. After years of promises of disclosure, a government admission that the objects are real and extraterrestrial, it never seems to happen.

    Some 70 years after the Kenneth Arnold sighting on June 24, 1947, it’s hard to say that much has really changed. All right, we don’t talk about UFOs from Mars or Venus anymore. If they are spaceships, the theory goes that they come from other star systems, and I wouldn’t doubt that we might have been visited, that we are still being visited, and that we will continue to be visited.

    But that doesn’t mean any of this can be proven.

    At the risk of being accused, once again, of keeping my head in the 1950s, I think the critics miss the point. The same old arguments continue to be debated, without resolution. I can point to passages in 60-year-old UFO books that, in many respects, seem little different from passages in current books. The same old cases are cited, along with some new ones, and the same conclusions are being reached, more or less.

    Perhaps this desperation to find something new may, in part, explain why MUFON, America’s largest UFO club, seems to have gone commercial. Beginning with their involvement in a questionable UFO reality show, “Hanger 1,” and continuing through a recent annual symposium that was mostly about the alleged secret space program, the group appears desperate to find something new to promote.

    I could suggest that they return to their original announced mission, to engage in the scientific investigation of the UFO mystery. Maybe research techniques can be reviewed and refined. Perhaps field investigators can be given more effective training on the correct techniques to interview eyewitnesses and what sort of evidence to gather. Some of us have suggested that MUFON alter its questionnaires to focus more on the witnesses, their backgrounds and prior encounters with the unknown, if any.

    To MUFON seeing a UFO is no different than seeing an airplane. It’s about the event and not the witness.

    To be fair, I’ve invited MUFON’s Executive Director, Jan Harzan, to appear on The Paracast and address some of these concerns, along with the recent issues that have caused some of the group’s State Directors to resign. In response, I’ve gotten excuses, first that he was busy and, most recently, suggesting I interview someone else from the organization instead. I held my ground and asked him again to come on the show.

    I’ll let you know if he responds.

    But I do see where some of you may just be disgusted with the whole UFO mess, where nothing seems to get resolved. It’s the same old arguments and sightings that seem little different from other sightings.

    Something strange is clearly going on. But the mystery clearly isn’t going to be resolved by treating the subject in the same way.

    That’s why I appreciate efforts to refine the evidence, and set old cases aside when conventional answers are found. It’s time to move on.

    Unlike many paranormal radio shows, The Paracast has continued to focus on finding new and, one hopes, better ways to look at the UFO evidence. We’ve featured cutting-edge researchers who are devoted to exploring other possibilities. Take, for example, the fascinating theory that so-called near-death experiences and UFO abductions have many similarities. One of my favorite guests, Miguel Romero, who goes by the nom de plume Red Pill Junkie, wrote a classic article on the topic for the August 23, 2015 issue of this newsletter.

    You can find it here: Your Paracast Newsletter — August 23, 2015

    At the end of the day, I understand why some people are ready to give up on the UFO mess. I only hope that, after a while, they will again become curious about what’s really going on and rejoin us.

    I’ve often said that I don’t expect the UFO saga to be resolved during my lifetime, but I try to be just a little optimistic that it might just happen before I’m called away to wherever one goes after life ends.

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