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Your Paracast Newsletter — November 17, 2019

Gene Steinberg

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November 17, 2019


Lorien Fenton Takes Us On a Journey Through the World of Conspiracy Theories on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present the irrepressible UFO researcher and conspiracy theorist Lorien Fenton, who became actively involved in the San Francisco Bay Area UFO Community after a near death experience in 2009. She is currently the MUFON Marin and Sonoma counties Section Director. Lorien’s nonprofit, Conscious Community Events, produces UFO CON, which is held annually in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also produces the Super Soldier and Mind Control Summits that cover the topics of Targeted Individuals, Transhumanism, “Super Soldiers and Monarchs” and more. If that wasn’t enough, she hosts two weekly radio talk shows, The Fenton Perspective and The Fenton Files.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on November 17: This week Special Correspondent William Puckett delivers reports on new sightings and followups. They include a photo depicting strange orbs moving by a deer in Atlanta, MI on October 23, 2010, an update to a report of a disk-shaped craft discovered in a photo from September 28, 2019 in Evergreen, CO, a report of a moving bar of light triggering a door bell camera from Portland, OR on November 9, 2019, and a followup to reports of mysterious griddled red marks that appeared on several individuals. UFO researcher and conspiracy theorist Lorien Fenton continues the discussion begun on the November 17, 2019 episode of The Paracast. She tells the story of how she changed her name at age 16, the time she almost became homeless, and her long background as an experiencer.

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A Lifetime of Conspiracies
By Gene Steinberg

We live in a world where there are facts and “alternative facts.” It’s highly debatable that the latter bears any resemblance to reality, but millions of people believe in them.

What it basically means is that people nowadays generally distrust governments and the media. And in some countries, the populace has the power to do something about it. So if a politician isn’t doing the job, throw them out and try someone else. If a publication is awash with fake news, read one that conforms to your worldview.

But the concept of different sets of facts obviously didn’t begin with a certain President’s aide trying to deflect questions or comments that didn’t support her spin on a situation. It becomes especially polarized when you disbelieve the so-called “conventional wisdom” about an event.

Let’s move past UFOs to one of the most famous examples, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Police were quick to arrest one Lee Harvey Oswald for the crime, but he never went to trial. A nightclub owner with reputed ties to organized crime, Jack Ruby, gunned him down as Oswald was being transported to a county jail, ostensibly to provide greater security.

As you know, the group set up by President Lyndon Johnson to look into the matter, the Warren Commission, concluded that Oswald was the lone gunman. He had no accomplices. There was no conspiracy beyond the deranged plans of one individual.

Time to rest and be reassured.

I was inclined to accept this explanation until, a couple of years later, I was exposed to the conspiracy theories of Mark Lane, a former legislator in New York State. My friend Marty read about one of his lectures in the famous alternative newspaper of the day, the Village Voice.

So one night, my assumptions about the assassination were quickly shattered. Lane presented a compelling case that Oswald could not have been guilty, that the murder of JFK was the result of a grand conspiracy by unknown parties.

I won’t go into Lane’s arguments. You’ve probably read about them, or the views of others who were skeptical of the Warren Commission’s conclusions.

The conspiracy theories ranged from organized crime, to the CIA and even the man who benefited most from JFK’s killing, Lyndon Banes Johnson.

In 1976, a House Select Committee on Assassinations begun pouring through the evidence and the alternative theories to attempt to determine if there was any reason to change the conclusions about a lone gunman.

Its findings merely raised more questions that, to this day, remain unanswered: “The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The committee is unable to identify the other gunman or the extent of the conspiracy.”

And that, as they say, was that.

Another notorious conspiracy involves 9/11. Is it possible that there was more to it than the acts of a band of suicidal terrorists? At best, it appeared that the various agencies who were charged with knowing about such threats, such as the CIA and FBI, had picked up indications that something nasty was afoot. But they didn’t connect the dots.

This was a key reason — or excuse — to create an uber-agency, the Department of Homeland Security, to bring all these agencies together to under a single umbrella to manage the nation’s security. It would supposedly combat the inter-agency rivalries, so the next terrorist act could be prevented.

But not everyone was satisfied with the conclusions. Was the fall of the World Trade Center the result of a controlled demolition? Was the act allowed to occur, to give the Bush White House the excuse to attack Iraq, a country that was not even involved? Was 9/11 actually caused by rogue agencies attempting to increase their prominence, their budgets?

The latter theory was actually depicted in a 1996 action movie, “The Long Kiss Goodnight,” starring Geena Davis as a CIA assassin with a case of amnesia. Naturally, she recovers her memories and, with the help of a washed up private eye, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, she manages to defeat the enemy.

The villain? So the CIA concocts a scheme known as “Project Honeymoon,” designed to detonate a chemical bomb in Niagara Falls. The motive? To blame Islamic terrorists for the act and thus boost their funding.

But I am not for a moment suggesting that 9/11 was a false flag operation, or the result of a grand conspiracy by rogue intelligence agents. That action flick was escapist fiction, of course, but it also raised some intriguing possibilities that one hopes have no connection to our real world, facts or alternative facts.

But it’s a sure thing that, no matter what the explanation, there will always be people who disbelieve the explanations for the cause of major tragedies.

So did Mark David Chapman really murder former Beatle John Lennon on December 8, 1980? Was it just one crazed gunman who waited for Lennon to return home from a recording session?

It’s fascinating to speculate on what might have happened had Lennon survived gunshot wounds and regained his health. Would the Beatles have eventually reunited? Would he live to a ripe old age, same as former bandmates Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr?

Author, screenwriter and producer Bryce Zabel has taken a crack of both the JFK and Beatles histories by creating an alternate universe. So the book, “Surrounded by Enemies: What if Kennedy Survived Dallas?” suggests what might have happened had JFK lived.

The Beatles? Well, Zabel’a spin on the Beatles’ history is entitled: Once There Was a Way: What If The Beatles Stayed Together?”

Beatles fans the world over have wondered how things might have changed if Lennon hadn’t quit the band in 1969. As it was, egos were taking over, and resentment was growing. After all, how many bands really manage to stay together year after year anyway? Even the Rolling Stones have had personnel changes, although the core lineup of Mark Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts has managed to stick it out. Of course, earning tens of millions of dollars from sold-out concerts doesn’t hurt, even though the Stones haven’t had a hit record in years.

And don’t forget some other rock and roll conspiracies: Is Elvis still alive? Did he stage his own death to give up the rat race? What about Jim Morrison of the Doors? Indeed, I once listened to an episode of Art Bell’s radio show in the 1990s, where he interviewed a gentleman who purported to be Morrison.

Well, maybe that’s taking it too far.

Whatever a theory, real or imagined, there are people who will disbelieve. From time to time I have suggested that, if extraterrestrials landed on the front lawn of the White House, people might claim it was all due to special effects.

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