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Your Paracast Newsletter — May 21, 2023

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
May 21, 2023

Researcher Travis Roy Explores Amazing Reports of Giants Across America and Around the World on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and cohost Tim Swartz talk about the legends and reality behind so-called giants over the years with researcher Travis Roy. According to Roy, giants roamed America in the ancient past, building fortifications and erecting massive burial and temple worship mounds. In actuality, he says, this race of titans roamed the earth, leaving their esteemed deceased within tumuli of earth and stone. Their handiwork can still be seen across the globe. Current history texts attribute a more-modern native approach to be the builders of such works (stone and dirt pyramids, Easter island heads, megalithic monuments etc.), but Roy speculates that another race is responsible. He states that their bones have been discovered by archaeologists and anthropologists of the not-too-distant past. Newspapers once reported the findings of these skeletons. From 1850-1940 they constantly made the news. But then they suddenly stopped. Why? A conspiracy perhaps?

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on May 21: Researcher Travis Roy continues to explore amazing reports of possible giants across the ages around the world, with the emphasis on the U.S. Speaking with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz, Roy talks abut his research methods, how he accumulates data and his ongoing plans for the future, which include a book. He states that the bones of possible giants have been discovered by archaeologists and anthropologists of the not-too-distant past. There are at least 700+ documented accounts of literal giant bones being exhumed from places all over North America. Newspapers once reported the findings of these skeletons. From 1850-1940 they constantly made the news. But then they suddenly stopped. Why? A conspiracy perhaps? More important, how can researchers nail down the facts behind these reports and acquire more solid evidence of the possible reality of giants?

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Press Paranoia
By Gene Steinberg

Over the years, newspapers have mostly tended to treat UFO sighting reports as filler, something just to occupy an empty page or part of a page, represent something meant for entertainment value. It was about those “ET believers” or the search for little green men (or women).

To many, the prevailing view was that people who saw UFOs must be mistaken, deluded, or perhaps partook of too many intoxicating beverages or substances.

Regardless, a fair number of sightings did get fair treatment, just the facts. The more compelling cases filled many books and lectures. Some researchers even went back to the original story, and if they’re still alive, the original reporters and/or eyewitnesses.

True, chasing footnotes, as long-time UFO investigator Kevin D. Randle refers to the process, would often reveal errors. Perhaps the original report had mistakes, perhaps mistakes or embellishments were added as UFO articles and books were quoted by other articles and books.

The quest for accurate information was often more difficult if the story was carried on radio and TV. This was particularly true with the local evening newscasts, where “happy talk” anchors tried to mix in a little fun with the serious stories of the day.

Sometimes the happy talk went overboard.

So I remember working with a news director for a country radio station in Charleston, SC several decades ago. He got a side gig as a TV anchor. As you might expect, he always appeared in a neat suit or sports jacket. But on one occasion, the crew pulled his desk away, to reveal that he was wearing an old pair of shorts instead of pants.

It didn’t matter what he was reporting; that was the story!

In the UFO field, it’s often felt that journalists are being compelled by their bosses — or perhaps government agents — to treat sightings as lighthearted fodder. It’s all a grand conspiracy to keep the truth about the phenomenon from the pubic.

But decisions made by editors and publishers do not necessarily have to involve conspiratorial ulterior motives in deciding what to present and how to present it.

Lest we forget, except for public radio and TV in the U.S., local stations and national networks are run by profit-making corporations. They are in the advertising and ratings business. If it can make money without sacrificing too many of their principles, even the most reliable news organizations are apt to shade coverage slightly.

One exception — and I won’t get into the weeds on this — is the possibility that a news resource is oriented towards one political viewpoint or another. If it’s done with respect, that’s fine and good. If it means that the news is deliberately slanted to convey a specific point of view, even if it means telling lies, we’re talking about propaganda and not news.

I’m also very bothered by the over-emphasis on being fair and balanced, meaning that both sides — or all sides — of a particular issue are given equal coverage even if one side has no factual basis, and in fact might be based on a string of lies.

That is not news, unless the lies are treated with the appropriate level of skepticism.

Despite its many flaws, however, I don’t see mainstream news organizations as complicit with the U.S. government to conceal the truth about UFOs. After all, it was The New York Times that, in 2017, revealed the existence of a Pentagon-funded project to probe the mystery.

Now as many of you know, I worked in the mainstream media for a number of years. The experience was largely confined to local radio stations as a reporter or news director. I also covered the technology beat for several national magazines and newspapers.

At no time did anyone suggest to me that I downplay or withhold stories about UFO sightings. I remember, for example, presenting a number of such reports when I was news director of a medium-sized radio station that covered the Philadelphia’s suburbs. As you probably recall, or read about, 1973 was a particularly significant year when it came to reports of UFOs, Bigfoot and other phenomena across the Keystone State. So I had lots to talk about in addition to the usual local stories about political maneuverings and police blotter coverage, along with a smattering of national and worldwide news.

The station’s owner was especially hands on about local news; it bordered on micromanaging. So he encouraged me to take extra time covering stories in detail during the 8:30 AM drive time segment, to the chagrin of the morning disk jockey who wanted to return to playing records and telling bad jokes.

At no time did he say a thing about my UFO coverage, even when I made one of those sightings a headline story. Not a word.

Of course, the example of one doesn’t count for much in the scheme of things.

But I did work the same beats as a number of traditional newspaper reporters while covering various local events. I had chances to talk with them, have lunches with them, befriend some, and every last one was dedicated to reporting the truth. Their own political leanings never consciously mattered. And nobody ever hinted to me that they were under an edict by management to stay away from UFOs.

This doesn’t mean that those multinational corporations that own most media companies nowadays aren’t doing shady things in secret to keep the truth about UFOs from appearing. But when such prestigious news outlets as The New York Times can treat the subject seriously, an unsavory influence doesn’t seem plausible.

Again, I’m not suggesting that there is no influence, that Men In Black don’t pay regular visits to corporate boardrooms to enforce standards of coverage. I just don’t see any much overt evidence of it.

The fact is that we don’t have the final answers to the UFO enigma. There are loads of opinions with different shades of belief and non-belief. And it is always possible that many crucial facts and pieces of evidence are being concealed at the highest levels of secrecy due to national security concerns. Certainly such possibilities have been suggested for many decades. It may even be true.

But that doesn’t mean that media coverage about UFOs in the U.S. is being controlled — or blocked — by shadowy figures in the government.

Now it is true that the press isn’t so free in other parts of the world that we all know about. That’s a real problem, and it involves many subjects, not just paranormal phenomena.

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