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Your Paracast Newsletter — May 16, 2021

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
May 16, 2021

UFO Author A.R. Roberts Reveals Sightings from Ancient Times to the Present on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present author A.R. Roberts, author of "From Adam to Omega: An Anatomy Of UFO Phenomena." A second edition, this body/mind/spirit book offers updated information about UFO phenomena, documenting past, present, and previously unknown data. The summary of hundreds of books of major thought leaders in the field are intricately woven into his work. Even the Bible plays a major role in establishing credibility to all of the working theories presented. Allen R. Roberts was a musician in the 1960’s and traveled the country with different groups, one of which appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in December, 1964. He later worked in the hotel industry before opening a photography studio. He became interested in UFO phenomena in 1954 while serving as a volunteer in the Ground Observer Corps. Roberts is now semi-retired and lives in Florida.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

A.R. Roberts' Site: A. R. Roberts

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on May 16: Author/researcher A.R. Roberts returns to talk about his revised book, "From Adam to Omega: An Anatomy Of UFO Phenomena." But first he talks about his musical background, where he played guitar and organ in several bands, and even appeared once on national television. Allen and Randall also have a spirited debate about the authenticity of the Travis Walton UFO episode from 1975, where he was allegedly taken aboard a flying saucer. Does the fact that Walton may have failed a lie detector test and had once been arrested for a possible white collar crime hurt his credibility as Randall maintains? Allen also discusses some of the UFO cases he included in his book.

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UFOs Are Hot: UAPs Are Hotter!

By Gene Steinberg

What if ET landed and nobody came?

The predictions about possible UFO disclosure that I’ve read largely consider a revelation that we are being visited by extraterrestrials to be world-changing. So we are not alone in the universe, and we might be poised to make contact with highly advanced beings from offworld, possibly a planet revolving around another star system.

How will we cope?

How would Earth’s religions be impacted? Would religious leaders merely assume that God’s created intelligent beings around the universe, or would the presence of such civilizations become a potential threat to the belief systems of their flocks? What about those who regard UFOs as spawns of the devil? Would they claim that such news will trigger end times?

What about Big Energy, the fossil fuel industries? They spend huge sums of money to convince people that we shouldn’t stop drilling for oil or natural gas, that the potential threat of climate change is a huge hoax from far-left kooks to advance some sort of evil agenda.

Would Earth’s leaders be loathe to admit that their most advanced aircraft and weaponry had suddenly been rendered primitive or obsolete overnight?

How would most people react to such news? Would they constantly gaze skyward wondering when ET will land? Will they hold parties, as they did on the roofs of skyscrapers in the sci-fi movie, “Independence Day” waiting for our visitors to come on down and say hello?

As one of the characters in that film uttered before the building was fired upon by ET’s death rays, “Oh God! I hope they bring back Elvis.”

In the classic 1951 sci-fi film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” the military surrounded a landed flying saucer with weapons ready, just in case our visitor was hostile. The mere effort of that visitor to reach for something caused a frightened solider to fire. In the real world, would such an act trigger a space war?

Or would ET first acquaint itself with the local culture, and be ready to behave in a fashion so as not to alarm the natives? That’s indeed one of the prevailing UFO theories.

All these and other potential post-disclosure scenarios, even the more outlandish episode preceding an invasion in a popcorn movie, assume that people will care about what happens.

Clearly they would if there were a massed landing, or even if a single spacecraft set down in a public setting. It wouldn’t take long for smartphone cameras to record the event, and the cable networks would’t be far behind. Within minutes, TVs around the world would broadcast ET’s arrival.

But none of that is happening. Other than those who have actually seen strange flying things, the presence of UFOs is an abstract. If they are controlled by ET, so be it. Our culture has already been filled with ET lore courtesy of decades of sightings, and popular sci-fi TV shows and movies.

From time to time, there are news reports that yet another potential life-bearing planet has been discovered, making it more and more likely that our galactic neighborhood might be populated with intelligent beings. It surely makes sense some of those beings are advanced enough to travel across the stars and pay us a visit.

Since 2017, when The New York Times first published a report about a secret Pentagon UFO (or UAP) investigation, more and more news has appeared about ongoing military sightings, some with videos of strange flying things.

In June, in response to an act of Congress, the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force is scheduled to deliver a report on the status of its UFO investigation.

The May 16th episode of the CBS prime time news show, “60 Minutes,” will feature a very serious segment on UFOs narrated by correspondent Bill Whitaker. In the promotional material posted by the network, it appears it’ll cover ongoing sightings by Naval personnel, along with interviews featuring former DOD official Luis Elizondo, connected to the Pentagon’s UFO study of the early 2000s, and Republican Senator Marco Rubio, of Florida, who has attended classified briefings on UAP, and insists the phenomenon be seriously investigated.

Remember that, when it comes to TV news, it’s very much about the ratings even if the networks claim to be dedicated to covering the news fairly, honestly. With a number of news reports promoting the “60 Minutes” episode, it’s clear they expect a sizable audience. Or maybe they are just hoping for a big lead-in to the network drama that follows that show, “Equalizer.”

As I suggested in last week’s column, the buildup to the expected UAP report from the Pentagon may fail to fulfill expectations. Just because Senator Rubio says it’ll happen doesn’t mean its contents will satisfy disclosure advocates hoping for an admission that ET is among us.

Even if the report appears as scheduled, and it’s just as possible the study group will ask for more time to complete its work.

With all the dashed hopes about UFO revelations through the decades, it may simply state that there is no evidence that they represent an existing or potential threat to national security. That, in fact, is the main avowed purpose of the study. It’s not a search for intelligent life from outer space.

In other words, there are excuses that can be cited to change the focus from what disclosure advocates continue to expect.

Even if the report does admit UAPs are from outer space, it can be phrased in a way that minimizes potential panic. With the attention of most Earthlings on more pressing problems, from the pandemic, which continues to wage out of control in some countries, to the potential for war in the Middle East, not to mention the endless partisan byplay in Washington, D.C., disclosure may be largely a non-event.

I like to be more optimistic than my friend, Kevin D. Randle, one of the best UFO researchers on the planet, who says he expects little more than “Condon 2.0” in that Pentagon report.

But even if we get real disclosure, it may not survive more than a few news cycles before other headline stories take over. That’s just the way things are.

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