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Your Paracast Newsletter — May 15, 2022

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
May 15, 2022


Paranormal Researcher John E.L. Tenney Reveals Amazing Personal Experiences on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz present UFO researcher/author John E.L. Tenney, an investigator of UFO and Paranormal/Occult phenomena who will, as part of this interview, reveal some amazing personal experiences. John has been actively involved in the field of conspiratorial, occult and paranormal research for almost three decades. It is estimated that, over the past 28 years, more than 85,000 people have attended one of John’s signature “Weird Lectures.” John’s columns and articles have been printed in magazines and newspapers world-wide, and he has lectured to numerous public and private schools, and organizations. The author of over a dozen books, Mr. Tenney has also been interviewed extensively on radio and television. Aside from his time investigating unusual phenomena John is also an accomplished painter, musician and humorist.

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on May 15: Paranormal researcher John E.L. Tenney rejoins Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz. He responds to the question of whether he has ever been hoaxed, and talks about famous fakes and reality. He also discusses the time he visited a satanic temple, and observed bevavior that was decidedly not religious. There’s also a pop culture discussion about the newest Star Trek TV fare, including “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.” The author of over a dozen books, Mr. Tenney has also been interviewed extensively on radio and television. John’s columns and articles have been printed in magazines and newspapers world-wide, and he has lectured to numerous public and private schools, and organizations. He has also acted as a consultant for numerous companies including, NBC, A&E, Fox, SyFy, The Detroit Free Press and Huffington Post, Men’s Health and The New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.

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About UFO Flaps and Portal Areas
By Gene Steinberg

The way it often goes in the UFO field is that there may or must be a degree of regularity or predictably to the phenomenon. So at one time there were theories about seven-year cycles reflecting when sightings were expected to increase.

But when those cycles were broken, some UFO researchers looked for other ideas, all in the hopes that one could guess when people might see them.

At a time when early Ufologists were speculating that the saucers might come from Mars, they looked at the “Mars opposition,” when the Earth passes between Mars and the Sun, as the trigger point for a boost in sightings. That scenario occurs approximately every two years and two months.

Now it just may be that there are space travelers hanging out on Mars in controlled environments, but the atmospheric conditions are not favorable to life as we know it. Maybe they once were, but that was millions of years ago.

Worse for those seeking patterns, the “Mars opposition” did not signify a sudden boost in the number of sightings.

Now when sightings increase, it’s referred to as a flap, defined, in this case, as “a state of excitement or agitation” or “something that generates an uproar.” So one assumes you might become excited or agitated when there are lots of sightings which, in turn, will cause an uproar.

You with me?

Another possibility had it that UFOs flew over specific parts of the Earth, so there was one book, “Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery,” a 1958 title from French author by Aimé Michel. Translated into English, it made for a tough read, but it was still worth the effort.

Michel theorized that UFOs sightings were clustered along straight lines, called “alignments.” A fascinating idea, but one not borne out in practice. Same for so-called “ley lines,” a sort of energy superhighway, consisting of straight connecting points that point to such historical monuments as Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza.

As with other efforts to find a pattern to define UFO sightings, if not to explain them, the orbital paths with other planets, straight lines, ley lines and all the rest, were sometimes consistent with the flow of reports until they weren’t.

Now when there are lots of sightings, they are apt to generate coverage in the local media; in rare occasions it might make cable news. This attention all combines to encourage more people to look to the skies to see if they are lucky enough to see something strange as well.

The obvious result is that there are apt to be more sightings, thus feeding the initial apparent increase in reports. True, most can be explained by conventional objects or phenomena, but there is still that tiny percentage of unknowns. That’s the core of the UFO mystery and it raises all sorts of possibilities.

And then there are all those “portal” areas.

Now when it comes to “portal” areas, it’s a theory about a supposed rift in the fabric of reality, where one can enter or depart if you’re in the right place. This concept has been fodder for sci-fi stories, movies and TV shows. Comic book-based fare regularly explores the multiverse and multiple versions of Superman, The Flash, and other heroes including Spider-Man.

Among the things that may pass from another reality to ours are flying saucers and strange creatures. They appear and, of a sudden, vanish before our eyes. Why? Well, maybe because they slipped back into the other reality.

But is that movement deliberate, or an accident? Does it reflect a sometimes porous reality where one may accidentally find oneself over there, wherever that is?

A key reason for speculation about a portal area is that such locales may be hotbeds for paranormal activity. Pennsylvania-based researcher Stan Gordon has spent decades investigating such reports in his area.

So is he fortunate enough to be living somewhere that has more activity than other places? It would seem so when we have him on The Paracast and he recounts UFO and Bigfoot activity at a mile a minute. His Western Pennsylvania region appears to be inundated with them.

Our former cohost, Christopher O’Brien, spent several years chasing reports of mysterious phenomena occurring in the Colorado/New Mexico region known as the San Luis Valley. His three books covering his research, “The Mysterious Valley” (1996), “Enter the Valley” (1999), and “Secrets of the Mysterious Valley” (2007), all focused on the prevalence of strange phenomena over the ages.

Such phenomena included Native American legends, traditional UFO sightings, Bigfoot sightings and even cattle mutilations.

There are other places where such events are said to occur, such as the Skinwalker Ranch, located southeast of Ballard, Utah. Considered a hotbed of paranormal activity, it was originally purchased 1996 by hotel magnate and paranormal believer Robert Bigelow.

Then came a 2005 book, “Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah,” from Colm Kelleher, a Bigelow associate, and TV reporter George Knapp. The book described an area that was long regarded as a ripe source of such strange events. Before long the ranch was featured in other books, articles, TV documentaries, reality shows, and social networks.

In 2016, Bigelow sold off the property to a company that apparently intended to redesign it as a tourist trap. Perhaps they are considering the way people gather in Roswell, NM to honor or at least recognize the legend of a 1947 UFO crash.

I can’t say I accept Skinwalker Ranch as the source of genuine unexplained phenomena. It is reported that Bigelow’s investigative group, National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), failed to find concrete evidence of paranormal happenings there. Perhaps that was a reason for the sale?

Bigelow reportedly received $4.5 million to sell the property, a huge gain from the supposed $200 thousand he paid for it 20 years earlier. By any standard, there’s a pretty decent profit.

Again, I wonder why these so-called “portals” earn their reputation as paranormal hotbeds. If not for a reputed high number of strange occurrences, perhaps it’s because they have all garnered publicity, thus drawing more of the public to look and perhaps get lucky.

No disrespect to the dedicated researchers investigating such areas over the years, but perhaps you can consider a UFO flap or a “portal” as the consequence of publicity. More coverage, more attention, more people looking for strange things to happen. You get the picture, but does that truly mean more strange things are happening in such locales?

It’s a worthy debate of course, but it may divert us from the real goal of research into UFOs, Bigfoot and all the rest. And that is to find out what’s really going on regardless of where it happens. Does focusing on specific targeted areas help? The jury is still out on that one.

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