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Your Paracast Newsletter — March 25, 2018

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
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March 25, 2018

The Paracas Presents the Aftermath of Rick Doty's Appearance

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Chris present one of our famous listener roundtables, with this episode focusing on the special appearance of former AFOSI agent Richard Doty. What were the implications of his claims about two Roswell UFO crashes, the presence of an alien visitor and possibility reverse engineered technology? Is any of it true, or was it all or mostly government disinformation to deflect our attention from the “real” UFO mystery? This episode features guest cohost J. Randall Murphy along with long-time listener Michael Allen, who uses his engineering background to provide a number of insights into what Doty said and the possible implications.

Chris O’Brien’s Blog: Our Strange Planet

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on March 25: An eclectic episode featuring Gene with guest cohost J. Randall Murphy, Michael Allen and Robert Schroeder. We begin with the fateful question: Were Gene and Randall rude to Robert on the occasion of his appearance on the March 11, 2018 episode of The Paracast. The discussion switches to Robert’s experiences at the slot machines in Connecticut and the possibilities of winning large amounts of money. What about President Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” program from the 1980s, what about the antics of former government intelligence agent Richard Doty, and what about a dose of advanced physics with Robert and Michael?

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Believe it or Not!
By Gene Steinberg

The appearance of former Air Force intelligence agent Richard Doty on The Paracast has caused no end of discussion. Was he telling the truth about Roswell, Project Serpo and other UFO-related matters? Was it all made up, or a smart combination of facts and fiction meant to keep you guessing?

As long-time listeners to The Paracast know, I find no credence in Serpo, the alleged human/extraterrestrial exchange program. In a loose sense, it almost reminds me of the closing scenes of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” where a small group of Earth People are sent aboard a flying saucer to, I suppose, spend some vacation time with “them.”

In passing, their adventures in space might have served as the basis for an entertaining sequel. I wouldn’t expect it, except that Steven Spielberg’s short-lived sci-fi/fantasy/horror show from the 1980s, “Amazing Stories,” is being resurrected as part of Apple’s forthcoming lineup of original TV programming. So if he’s revisiting older product, maybe it’s time to revisit “Close Encounters.” Maybe it would be done with a younger generation of actors to generate more stories.

Or maybe there’s no demand for such a film, although Hollywood is not averse to revisiting old projects. Spider-man has gone through its third reboot since 2002.

Now about Project Serpo, I recall reading a short book allegedly describing the experiences of Earthlings on Serpo. But it came across as something written by a 12-year-old, where the author spent an unusual amount of time obsessing about human and alien bathroom habits. It’s the sort of thing that preteens might write silly stories about, but it has little or nothing to do with a possible alien exchange program.

It never made sense to me, so I wonder why Doty would even begin to take it seriously, except, perhaps to attempt to lend credence to some of the common claims about the flying saucers.

So Roswell is the genuine article to him, except there were two such crashes, and an living alien came along on one of those trips. Reverse engineering? Right on! The Cash-Landrum UFO case, in which the witnesses suffered from possible radiation poisoning, was the result of a failed experiment involving a propulsion system based on alien technology.

Yes, confirming some of the more extreme UFO memes, although it’s still true that Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum did suffer those ill effects. Was the UFO an experimental aircraft with or without technology from the stars?

More to the point, would our scientists even be capable of figuring out such technology? Or maybe ET tried to help, but evidently didn’t fare so well. It doesn’t present a positive picture of our visitor’s competence.

In short, I don’t believe a word of it, and I wonder why Doty even brought it up. Or maybe it’s a clever mixture of fact and faction, and perhaps it would be worth the effort to figure out which parts. Perhaps it was just meant as entertainment.

Then again, he claims that MJ-12 is not a complete fabrication; it’s partly real, distilled from genuine documents. Which parts? I suppose we should ask Doty if he returns to The Paracast.

But since he’s an intelligence operative and makes no pretense of being a scientist, we didn’t have to cope with any of the pseudo-science that UFO contactees used to inflict on us.

The Paul Bennewitz case remains confusing. Doty and his cohorts engaged in a rather intense disinformation campaign to convince Bennewitz that he had stumbled onto evidence of an impending alien invasion. In the end, he spent time in a mental institution.

Was it actually worth it to inflict such harm on an innocent person in order to misdirect his attention after he stumbled on secret government technology? Would it have made more sense to give him the basics of what was really going on, explain that natural security was involved, order him to keep his mouth shut or face arrest and incarceration, and just send him on his way?

This elaborate ruse doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, or perhaps Doty treated the whole affair with a sense of drama.

Indeed, was Doty truly read in to the truth about UFOs and directed to protect the greatest secret of the ages?

But you have to wonder how his government superiors would treat his loose lips. Wouldn’t they have arrested and charged him with violating government secrecy? I mean, it’s not at all unusual for people to go to jail after being charged and convicted of such behavior.

How did he possibly escape prosecution, unless, of course, he was acting with full government knowledge. If that’s the case, why believe any of it? The chances that Doty’s revelations amount to some sort of gradual disclosure are slim to none.

So were there any real secrets spread across Doty’s stories, or is he just an entertainer? Indeed, if that’s all he is, the authorities really don’t care what he says. That might explain why he’s allowed to prattle on without any repercussions.

Indeed, one reason that I opted to put him on the show is that I am curious about what he’s all about. I think there’s probably some kernels of truth in what he says, and I was curious to know more. From listening to him without critical thought, it’s easy to accept what he says as fully accurate. Maybe it’s his training as an intelligence officer.

Indeed, an ideal team up on the show would be two former Air Force intelligence officers, Doty and Walter Bosley. I’m not at all sure if they know each other or would have any interest in a joint appearance, but I’m certainly curious enough to see where the idea might lead — or not.

That said, the 1980s were strange times for UFO research. I didn’t buy some of the stories that became popular then. Nothing that has gone on has, in any way, made me less skeptical of Roswell. Something happened, but the ET answer is just too simple and not fully credible, at least as far as I’m concerned.

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Walter Bosley

Paranormal Adept
"Indeed, an ideal team up on the show would be two former Air Force intelligence officers, Doty and Walter Bosley. I’m not at all sure if they know each other or would have any interest in a joint appearance, but I’m certainly curious enough to see where the idea might lead — or not."

I actually just 'met' Rick a few months back when we chatted for a few minutes on one of the social media platforms. So, I don't really know him, though I'm not opposed to the idea of doing a show.