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Your Paracast Newsletter — June 26, 2022

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
June 26, 2022

Abduction Researcher/Experiencer Kathleen Marden Reveals Amazing Encounters on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz present a UFO abduction update from researcher Kathleen Marden. She first became interested in UFOs in 1961, when her aunt and uncle, Betty and Barney Hill had a close encounter and subsequent abduction in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. She spent 15 years in painstaking investigation of the Hill abduction case and continues to seek the scientific analysis of the compelling evidence. Marden has worked on three comprehensive studies on nearly 5,000 experiencers, two of which she initiated and saw to the end, and has five professionally published books. Her latest book, “Forbidden Knowledge: A Personal Journey from Alien Abduction to Spiritual Transformation,” offers a deeper insight into Kathleen’s own life and works. Her essays have been published in several additional books and magazines. Over the years, Marden's work has been acclaimed by her colleagues in the UFO field. She is the 2013 recipient of MUFON's "Researcher of the Year" award and the 2021 recipient of the International UFO Congress "Lifetime Achievement Award."

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on June 26: Abduction researcher and experiencer Kathleen Marden returns to continue her discussions with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz about possible evidence of such experiences, such as implants. The discussion also includes the 1964 Socorro, NM case, a classic UFO encounter where the main witness, a police officer, saw two human-like beings near a landed craft. She also brings up the FBI report on notorious skeptic Philip Klass, his possibly suspicious behavior and the extreme tactics he employed to explain away sightings regardless of the evidence. Marden is a researcher, author, on-camera expert, conference presenter, experiencer advocate, hypnosis practitioner and support group facilitator. She is known as one of the leading UFO contact researchers of our time. Since 1990, she has researched the perplexing nature of UFOs and the non-human entities reportedly associated with highly advanced aerial vehicles via her own groundbreaking research, investigation, and experimentation.

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Ufology’s Gray Area
By Gene Steinberg

It’s not unusual to suggest that things used to be simpler, although that may depend on when you grew up and where you live. For me, a city kid from Brooklyn, NY, my views about the strange mystery of the flying saucers once seemed basic enough.

So we had unknown objects that appeared to far exceed the capabilities of conventional aircraft in both speed and maneuverability. Sine their appearance couldn’t be explained by conventional means, it seemed a certainty that we had clearcut evidence of life in outer space. They were here, they were among us.

Even when UFOs came relatively close, you could still view them in the abstract. They didn’t actually directly influence your life; well mostly. If you decided to chase down the mystery, you quickly confronted a number of land mines and rabbit holes. It was so easy to fall into the wrong one.

So people who dared to claim that they actually met up with the pilots of flying saucers must be crazy. The stories were similar, that human ETs, some with long hair, wearing silvery uniforms, were here to help humankind deal with the folly of its existence. Respect the edicts of peace and brotherhood, stop the tribal wars, and certainly don’t continue to develop nuclear weapons.

All right, the messages were perfectly reasonable, the implications no different in a broad sense from the traditional religions forged at times that far predate our advanced technology.

Unfortunately, the contact claimants had little to deliver in the way of evidence of their experiences. Where saucer photos were produced, either you couldn’t make out the details, or they were clear fakes. George Adamski, once the king of the contactees so to speak, delivered pictures that were not just obvious fakes, but easily duplicated.

Fortunately, there were plenty of serious people investigating the “real phenomenon,” the unknown objects flitting about the skies. Even when they came real close, the crew didn’t actually exit the craft and come over and talk to anyone. They stayed arm’s length so to speak.

It came close, however, with one of the most compelling early UFO cases, which occurred in the late afternoon of April 24, 1964 in Socorro, NM. A police officer, Sgt. Lonnie Zamora, was a key witness, but not the only one.

As most of you know, Zamora reported seeing an egg-shaped craft object. He described landing gear and a red insignia. Beside the object were two beings in large coveralls, described as “normal in shape — but possibly they were small adults or large kids.”

Bright blue flames and a loud roar signaled the departure of the craft, which began to lift from its landing spot and flew away. In its wake were burned bushes and depressions from the supposed landing gear.

The Socorro case is considered one of the best documented UFO cases ever, getting the seal of approval of serious investigators that included Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

Obviously there was no apparent communication or a hint of communication from those beings. Or at least Zamora didn’t report any such attempt. The lack of communication doesn’t necessarily make such a case more credible of course. Despite some unproven allegations that a hoax was involved, the sighting remains an unknown.

But how close can the entities from a UFO come to a witness and remain credible? That was a question asked once in an article about the approach taken by early UFO author Major Donald E. Keyhoe and his UFO group, NICAP. He had good reason to suspect the contactees, but a certain case that occurred in September 19, 1961 was in another category.

As the tale goes, Barney and Betty Hill were driving to their New Hampshire home after a vacation in Canada. They saw a bright light in the sky that appeared to be “odd-shaped” with flashing multicolored lights when Betty viewed it through binoculars.

The rest of the story is well known. The craft approached their vehicle, and the couple continued to observe it as they continued on their journey. Stopping the vehicle, Barney got out. He held a pistol in his pocket for protection. With binoculars, he claimed to have observed some eight to 11 humanoids, wearing glossy black uniforms and black caps.

Certain that the beings he saw were going to capture them, Barney decided to hightail it out of there.

It’s a long story, and I’m just summarizing a few of the details here. As rhythmic beeping or buzzing sounds bounced off their car, it vibrated and the couple felt tingling sensations. They apparently entered an altered state of consciousness; another series of such sounds brought them to their senses. They realized they had traveled some 35 miles during this period.

In all, the Hills actually suffered from some seven hours of missing time, and through a mixture of interviews and hypnotic regression, they recalled being taken aboard the craft, being subjected to physical exams and communicating telepathically with its occupants.

Skeptics tried to take apart the tale, some suggesting it was all a hallucination generated by the stress the Hills suffered as an interracial couple in the years before the Civil Rights Act. Dr. Benjamin Simon, the Boston-based psychiatrist the Hills consulted, wrote that it was all possibly due to some sort of psychological aberration.

Maybe, but there are a number of factors still not fully explained. So when she examined the clothing she wore during the encounter, Betty reported that her dress was torn at the hem, zipper and sliding. It had a pink powder on it that blew away when it was hung on a clothesline.

The dress has been examined over the years, but there are evidently no results to indicate the garment was somehow damaged or possessed physical evidence indicating an encounter with extraterrestrials.

Kathleen Marden, a niece of the Hills, continues to probe the case. She is certain Barney and Betty were abducted by the crew of a flying saucer, and she has described her own paranormal encounters over the years.

I met Betty a couple of times when she embarked on a lecture tour to talk about her encounter and subsequent experiences. She impressed me as serious, friendly and sincere. But I haven’t a clue what really happened to her, though I have little reason to doubt her despite the skepticism from some quarters over the years.

The case is thoroughly detailed in John G. Fuller’s best-selling 1966 book, “Interrupted Journey” and updated in Marden’s book, “Captured, The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience.”

It’s easy and perhaps convenient to suggest that such reports are all the result of various sorts of psychological disturbances. The consistency of the reports, even from people who don’t appear to be fully informed of similar cases, does seem to indicate something strange is amiss.

Consider a case Marden writes about, in which two people in different parts of the country first met on a flying saucer and, after the encounter, communicated with each other to compare notes. He can that happen if it’s all in someone’s imagination?

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