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Your Paracast Newsletter — July 7, 2019

Gene Steinberg

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July 7, 2019


Journey Behind the Paranormal with Paul & Ben Eno on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present a return visit by Paul Eno, senior member of the world-famous father and son team Paul and Ben Eno of Behind The Paranormal. Paul and Ben — who makes a cameo appearance during the first part of the episode — have investigated hundreds of paranormal cases all over the world, and they have lectured throughout America and in Europe. Paul began his paranormal quest in the early 1970s, while he was studying for the priesthood. His early mentors included parapsychology pioneer Dr. Louisa Rhine, Fr. John J. Nicola S.J. (technical advisor for the film “The Exorcist”) and legendary (though very controversial), first-generation “grandparents of ghost hunting” Ed and Lorraine Warren.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on July 7: Gene and Randall present an extended segment featuring our Special Correspondent, researcher and atmospheric scientist William Puckett, where he updates his evaluation of a huge swarth of data covering radar records relating to a sighting in the Phoenix area. He also discusses the presence of a flying disk in Waldorf, MD in the late 1980s, a video taken of a triangular object on June 29, 2019 in Chula Vista, CA, and a photo of three unknown objects observed near an airplane in Filer, ID on Mary 14, 2019.

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Can’t Forget Time Travel
By Gene Steinberg

When I think back to our June 30, 2019 episode, featuring Dr. Michael P. Masters, an anthropologist, I can’t help but think about the possibilities of time travel.

You see, Dr. Masters believes that some of those “alien” grays, with large heads and spindly arms and legs, may actually be Earthlings from our far future. That, he says, is where our evolutionary path will eventually take us to.

Now forget for the moment the difficulty in accepting such a being walking amongst us in this timeframe. Consider the possibilities, that time travel may be commonplace, or will only occur with a specific purpose in mind.

It wouldn’t seem to be a casual visit. The very presence of a flying saucer, whatever its origin, can alter one’s life for better or worse. Observing what appear to be creatures from outer space will make skeptics true believers overnight. Even the tiniest change may lead to major alterations in our future.

Well, that’s one possibility.

Certainly it’s the one usually exploited in fiction. In the sci-fi movie, “Timecop,” agents return to the past to right wrongs, fix alterations to the timeline that impact them.

The danger of altering time is a major plot point in a sci-fi romp on The CW, “Legends of Tomorrow.” Here a merry — or not so merry — band of second-rate or would-be super heroes fly around in a time traveling spaceship known as the “Waverider.” When the present appears to have been altered by an unexpected change in the past, they return to the scene of the crime to set things right.

But this hapless group barely succeeds in fixing the problem, and sometimes creates new problems as a result.

A better-known humorous take on the time travel paradox is the original “Back to the Future,” where a teenager, portrayed by Michael J. Fox, goes back through time and ends up arranging for two young people, his future parents, to meet and fall in love. If that singular event does not occur, Fox’s character, Marty McFly, will cease to exist.

But is it really true that time travel is that dangerous? It certainly makes for an entertaining plot point, but how would it play out in the real world? Certainly it would seem to create the seed for endless chaos, with the timeline constantly changing as different events are altered.

Maybe it explains the so-called “Mandela Effect,” in which different people recall events quite differently. Perhaps some people do not forget how time was altered and do not lose their memories.

All right, that seems confusing too, although it does seem to occur, at least sometimes.

But what if the act of going back through time and changing things was always meant to occur? So nothing seems to have changed after all.

Or maybe the altered reality is forked into another universe, thus creating parallel worlds. Each alteration in time begets a new reality so to speak. There are an infinite number of realities as the result of all these time travel contraptions creating mischief. This would mean that our counterparts exist elsewhere, living different lives, traveling different paths.

That’s also a key plot point in those CW super hero shows in which such comic book characters as the Green Arrow and the Flash exist on Earth-1, whereas Supergirl and Superman occupy Earth-38. Or maybe those realities will coalesce in the coming season in a five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earth” episode.

That would seem to be the case if you read the comic books on which this story is evidently based.

The Netflix series “Travelers,” featuring Eric McCormack, the fellow best known as co-star of “Will & Grace,” portrays an FBI agent whose body has been possessed by the consciousness of someone from the future. But the act of possession is allegedly done only to people who are destined to die anyway, thus giving them a new lease on life as a different person.

But what if time itself is an illusion? Everything has already occurred and we simply travel along an existing path as we live and die. Or perhaps we are really just holographic creations existing in an advanced computer game and thus at the mercy of a bunch of eccentric gamers.

What happens if they shut that contraption down?

Also consider the Star Trek “Holodeck,” which originated on the “Next Generation” spinoff. Supposedly it’s a large room or chamber in which the crew of the starship Enterprise can relax and exist for a brief time in another reality, another place, another time. To all intents and purposes, these computerized recreations are as real as you and I.

Of course that plot device has its own conflicts. What if the crew member is shot and apparently killed while within this virtual reality environment? Does the real person die as the result.

The Star Trek producers took the concept of VR beings to its logical — or illogical — conclusion in the “Star Trek: Voyager” series, where the starship lacked a medical doctor. Thus they employed a faux doctor using the “Emergency Medical Hologram Mark I,” who performed the duties of a real physician.

The whole crazy idea became at once believable and humorous due to the gusto performance of Robert Picardo, a gifted character actor. It was fun to see him — or it — struggle to exist in our universe as a ship’s doctor replacement.

Indeed, it all makes one wonder where reality ends and VR begins. If the holographic individual can almost completely mimic a living being, is it therefore alive?

“Voyager” did explore the possibilities and the limitations of its holographic doctor, and it made you think how this might play out in our “real” world.

So if we are all holographic creations of an advanced race, that would mean we are, after all, at their mercy. They play the game, and perhaps our very belief that we can control our destiny is also an illusion. We are nothing more than players in a production with a script that has already been written. There is no opportunity to improvise, somehow change things in the way we want, since what we think we want adheres to our programming.

Is that the reality you want? Is that what fate really means?

Still, I’m quite fascinated by the possibilities of time travel. Despite the dangers, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go back through time and undo a wrong, the consequences of a personal mistake or a world-shattering event?

Or just meet a long-dead relative and say “howdy.” Or would that meeting have its own unexpected consequences?

But theory has it that we cannot alter anything in our universe, unless that alteration is already part of our existence. And so it goes…

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