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Your Paracast Newsletter — July 19, 2020

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
July 19, 2020

Discover More Amazing Paranormal Encounters From "Down Under" with Australian UFO Investigator Tino Pezzimenti on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present Australian UFO researcher/experiencer Tino Pezzimenti, who has worked closely with UFO Research of Queensland (UFORQ), one of the world's oldest existing UFO organizations. Tino started experiencing ghosts at his home in Brisbane Australia when he was six years old; he saw a UFO at age 17. At age 19, he attended a meeting at the Flying Saucer Research Bureau which was to become UFORQ. He became a researcher with UFORQ and soon after became President, a position he held for for 9 years. For 17 years he on was on Paranormal Panel, a radio 4 BC production in Brisbane where he spoke publicly with many authors and experiencers world wide. Tino has a reputation for being a skeptical believer because he's not easily swayed by conspiracy theories and fringe groups.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

UFO Research of Queensland (UFORQ): UFO Research Queensland

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on July 19: Gene and Randall continue the discussion with Australian UFO researcher and experiencer Tino Pezzimenti that began on the July 19, 2020 episode of The Paracast. Tiny has worked with UFO Research of Queensland,one of the oldest existing UFO organizations. The discussion moves through whether we are ready for visits by extraterrestrials, Tino’s personal paranormal experiences, and two UFO abductions involving friends of us. One of those cases included a possible alien implant, and the other a possible missing time episode. And whatever happened to the “angel hair” phenomenon of the early UFO era, which involved a sticky, fibrous substance sometimes reported in connection with UFO sightings?

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So Is ET Ready for Us — Are We Ready for Them?

By Gene Steinberg

It is clear to most everyone that we are not alone in the universe. What has been part and parcel of sci-fi stories galore is very much based on fact. Discoveries of exoplanets makes it quite clear there are numerous candidates for conditions for life as we know it.

So it is quite possible that life is bountiful in the vast reaches of space, and that some of it may have developed advanced civilizations and are capable of interstellar travel. It doesn’t take much of a stretch to speculate that some of those space travelers have or are visiting Earth.

Therein forms one of the key reasons for the belief that UFOs are visitors from outer space.

Now we assume, based on reports of abductions, that many of these extraterrestrials are small gray-skinned beings with huge heads, large eyes and thin mouths. I wouldn’t presume to speculate on their diets, or even if they have the need for food anymore. Maybe they absorb energy as plants do, or they are actually surveillance robots.

But there’s no sense wondering about their physicality. The real question is, if they are here, why are they paying us a visit, and why is there no massed landing?

Those who claim to be in contact with ET — or unknown beings of any kind — assert they are here to alert us to the folly of our tribal warfare, as if we didn’t know. Or at least that’s what they tell us.

So we should not be engaging in war, or despoiling our environment. Our flirtation with nuclear energy, even for peaceful purposes, is a huge mistake. We need to get our acts together or —

Well, there really isn’t an or. It’s not as if we are being threatened to get our acts together. Indeed, it doesn’t seem as if those advanced beings are capable of enforcing their wishes. Or maybe that is taking things too far.

But not quite: What about reports of UFOs seen in an around military facilities and nuclear plants? Surely they are paying attention, even though it’s not as if they are interfering with us, right? Well, there have been reports of possible interference, but it appears to be hit or miss.

I mean, clearly humans aren’t doing anything terribly different despite the possible presence of alien visitors. Indeed, we are still debating who and what they are, and their motives for being here are still unknown.

But there are a host of assumptions, that physical alien beings are visiting us, from one or more civilizations, and that they sometimes abduct humans for possible experimentation, sometimes involving our reproductive organs.

Still, there is no massed landing. UFOs still remain one step beyond when it comes to enough evidence to convince mainstream science that they are really here.

It’s almost as if it’s all meant to be that way. Again, this assumes physical beings taking physical fights across the skies in physical aircraft, that when they contact us, those experiences are physical as well.

We can try to judge alien motives and behavior, but that involves assumptions as well. How can we presume to fully understand beings from other planets that may or may not be physically similar to us. We can only judge them in terms of what we understand about intelligence, and that is still mostly human.

Even if they tell us why they are here, why believe them? Indeed, communication with an alien species may involve policies that do not include being truthful. They may just tell us what we want to hear, or what we they consider us capable of understanding.

A fascinating sci-fi film, “Arrival,” from 2016, is very much about the dilemma of communicating with ET. It involves the landing of a dozen spaceships around the world, and efforts to break bread with these alien visitors. The story is not about aliens on the loose, but on translating their message, which, once understood, alters our perception of time, the past and the future.

It’s a far more sophisticated plot than what one usually finds in sci-fi fare, and, despite its relative success, it’s not easy to wrap your head around if you’re not paying close attention.

But what it demonstrates here is the possibility is that we may not easily understand why alien visitors are here, and that our assumptions about their behavior might be way off the mark.

The film, however, has a fatal flaw. If ET is advanced enough to come here, and that if communication with us is a matter of extreme importance, they’d probably find a way to interact with us. They wouldn’t depend on having a lone linguist figure it all out just in time to avoid a world war.

In the Star Trek universe, a universal translating system is used as a means to communicate with alien races. But that assumes that we first make contact and thus modify the systems to include their languages.

Of course, Star Trek used the translator as a plot device of convenience. Actual communication was secondary. Everyone could just speak English, although they did develop a real, working language for the Klingons.

So I’ve little doubt that, however it’s done, if ET really wanted to interact with humans, there’d be no question that they’d figure it out.

But the entire UFO mystery may very much be about unknown visitors acting in ways that are meant to appear acceptable to humans. Their spaceships are no more advanced than what our sci-fi writers have envisioned, their messages to us encompass the basic plots of those stories.

They do not in any way act alien, beyond our simple understanding of what we expect aliens to be.

It’s almost as if we are, in part, participating in the experiences that involve visits and occasional meetings with extraterrestrials. They appear the way they do, because that’s what we expect of them.

And that only raises some very important questions about what’s really going on. So maybe it’s not about ET after all, even though I have little doubt they are out there.

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Richard Hawkins

Paranormal Maven
Well Gene.
I thought your comments in this week's newsletter were very interesting,it is as I have always said ET is without a doubt here but we still don't know from where they come or indeed exactly what they are.


Whatever they are, it seems they can out fly and easily can manipulate time. Also agree with the 'Digital Trickster' element as well and its capability to play 'cat and mouse' towards human etc. Our Canadian friends already new this in 1950's and the work of Stanton Friedman was top notch plus his work in classified area.

The hard-work of Richard Dolan and others have played a key roll. As Gene and Don both who carried on for years of investigation in this crazy field paranormal which in the end know one has the right answers rather it still needs ongoing investigation and don't think its just one type either rather many. Like many on this forum who experienced this unknown strange activity which opens you mind and lets you see above the parapet and demands you try and finds answers.

Over the years spoken to many in the field of Academia, Politicians, Scientists and Military on the subject away from the crowds. Many are very interested in the subject (much to the de-bunkers and some do not want to find out either. As excellent reporter George Knapp stated in his many interviews even on the top show of the Paracast.

These objects can move at speeds that we can't not unless we are talking about 'holograms' which excellent research Nick Redfern work touched on. Although, talking to eyewitness who been in some of the highest places think not rather its above our tech in some areas. Could the Communist Chinese or Russia or another nation have the gear its possible though doubt it , just look at the latest gear to go back to the Moon and Mars.

Jeremy Corbel , great work has rattled the cage and those who attack it just pissed they did not think of it first and the de-bunkers don't have access nor clearance to see or read the data even the ones working in the shadow of this field. One outstanding scientist is Michio Kaku who work is top notch and friend went to his lecture few years back who worked in classified work and stated he was spot on about higher civilizations and 36 habitual is just pure bullshit. As we are not alone and going on our experienced the manipulation of time and space in a bubble then losing three hours blew our minds and the fact they have found rare earth materials now in the location is mind boggling.

Is something (it) mining our resources ? Will humans be on the cards in the near future ? Some suggest Cattle mutilations are a by products of some cases and quite scary to think? Is the missing of people in the woods in strange events a part of a larger experiment ? Will it end in a 'War of the Worlds' event? Furthermore, time is nothing to the activity and it shown to slow it in events during contact.
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