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Your Paracast Newsletter — July 18, 2021

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
July 18, 2021

Explore Golden Age UFO Cases with Jan L. Aldrich of Project 1947 on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall introduce long-time UFO researcher Jan L. Aldrich, who, since 1995, has run Project 1947, a research effort funded by CUFOS, FUFOR, and MUFON, now called the UFO Research Coalition. He has visited over 150 libraries, universities, archives, museums, and historical societies in 46 states and Canadian Provinces. Over 300 contributors worldwide have submitted over 10,000 pages of personal accounts, newspaper clippings, reports, and government documents to Project 1947. Project 1947 continues and welcomes further contributions in the collection, research, and analysis of pre-1947, 1947, and early UFO era material, and presentation of results of these efforts. Jan resides in Canterbury, Connecticut.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

Project 1947: Welcome to PROJECT 1947

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on July 18: Veteran UFO researcher Jan L. Aldrich returns to talk about the work of Project 1947. He also focuses on the Pentagon UAP Task Force report and whether it has released anything significant, and focuses on something not mentioned, possible satellite tracking of the phenomenon. He also talks about the Aztec, NM and Roswell crashes and the possible impact of UFO abductions. Jan received a B.A. in History from the University College, University of Maryland. He retired from the U.S. Army with over 25 years in the field artillery and seven overseas tours, and has had 16-years experience in meteorology with the remaining time in intelligence, personnel, and safety positions.

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Yes, I’ve Been Right So Far

By Gene Steinberg

My ability to anticipate the future is nearly non-existent. So when I appear to be correct — and things can always change after a column is posted — I might as well toot my own horn. Or something like that.

In any case, I have already said that, after the highly-anticipated Pentagon UAP Task Force Report was released, there’d be a modest about of coverage, after which it would die down. I didn’t suggest days or weeks, but I’ll consider the starting date as June 3rd, 2021, when The New York Times first released a story about the expected contents.

Other newspapers and online publications followed, and you can assume some had “background” briefings, meaning they could publish the report without direct attribution. Well, other than the usual “sources close to” and so on and so forth.

What it revealed was nothing terribly surprising. The group could not confirm that UAPs were spaceships, but could not determine that they weren’t. Well, that’s hopeful for ET advocates.

The rest was already well known, about flying objects appearing to turn on a dime and otherwise exhibit maneuverability beyond that of which our aircraft are capable. The possibility that it represents a secret craft from China or Russia was also dismissed.

As a practical matter, if either or both of those countries had perfected such advanced gear, they’d be touting it to the skies and using it as leverage against the U.S. and other “frenemies.” I define that word as being opponents in some respects, and working together in others.

The possibility that some sort of breakaway civilization might be involved would never be touched, even if true. Ditto for time travelers or interdimensional visitors. It has to be extraterrestrial or conventional. There would be no room for any gray areas.

As with the original reports of Pentagon — specifically Naval — interest in UFOs, nothing was said of the previous decades and the thousands of sightings that remain unexplained. It’s almost as if they never existed. What’s more, it doesn’t seem as if any of the mainstream media reporters who talk to Pentagon spokespeople are even asking these key historical questions.

It’s all about the recent past, and I wonder if the folks at the Air Force feel slighted or relieved. Probably the latter.

At least it was a hopeful development to see the Pentagon taking it seriously, including asking for money to fund ongoing research.

In any case, after a number of stories that almost vied with the usual coverage of the day, the coverage has faded considerably outside of the usual UFO-related channels. As I expected. There will be another status report in a few months, supposedly at any rate, but that doesn’t mean it’ll contain any important new details.

At best, I expect it’ll report that the UAP Task Force is still working on the matter and will have yet another report in a few more months. It won’t be the sort of disclosure that some UFO fans are aching for.

Now some people more jaded than I have suggested that this was all a buildup to a final letdown, that there was nothing significant about those UAPs. But if that was the intention, why even establish a special group to investigate the thing? It could have all been dealt with when the original stories were published.

Yes, there is another factor that hasn’t existed before, and that is statements from existing or past government officials saying UFOs need to be investigated. That two former CIA Directors — R. James Woolsey, Jr. and John O. Brennan — are saying the matter needs to be investigated, is really curious.

You’d think that the CIA, keeper of the nation’s secrets, would already know what’s going on. If Woolsey and Brennan were curious, they could, even as retirees, place a few phone calls and ask. At worst, if there was truly a secret being kept, they could be told that it was all a matter of national security and to just shut up about it. As patriotic Americans, I doubt that they’d refuse to follow such a request.

Yes, curious.

But I’m not surprised at the approach of former intelligence bureaucrat Luis Elizondo, and how he’s trying to make a name for himself as a guest lecturer and cable TV talking head. Can a book be far behind?

Sure, Elizondo has things to say about working on a prior UAP investigation project — whether as its lead or as a member — that might be interesting. But he doesn’t seem to have any great insights into UFO lore. The ongoing investigation by a Pentagon Inspector General as to what happened to his emails is just a red herring. It’s not as if he had anything significant to disclose. It may be more of a bureaucratic oddity or mistake than some deep dark conspiracy to hide something.

After all, if there was truly something telling contained in those emails, surely Elizondo would have had more to say about it, even if only to drop some telling hints despite being constrained by Top Secret regulations.

And it’s not that Ufologists are jumping over themselves in a quest to find out what Elizondo really knows. It appears that amounts to precious little beyond what’s already been publicized.

On the other hand, should he wish to come onto The Paracast and explain himself, we’d be delighted to have him on to see if he’ll answer a few questions beyond what the media has so far queried him about.

So, yes, I continue to follow the UAP scuttlebutt in hopes something truly significant will be revealed. But if the alleged Silence Group was prepared to tell all, it would likely come with a high-level briefing, probably involving President Biden.

And there would be careful preparations afoot if such a briefing involved the revelation that ET is among us.

Otherwise, I still don’t expect much to come of the Pentagon UAP Task Force. Short of any significant developments in terms of some very public sightings, it’ll continued to fade from the public’s attention over time.

Sure, I suppose a gradual disclosure program remains possible, and that we’re only part-way there. Maybe there will be some more encouraging news in the near future.

But as I said last week, I won’t take any bets on it.

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