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Your Paracast Newsletter — July 17, 2022

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
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The Paracast Newsletter
July 17, 2022

Discover Co-Creaton and Other Incredible Parnormal Theories with Michael Huntington on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz are visited by paranormal researcher and author Michael Huntington, who has investigated the unusual since the late 70s and presents wide-ranging viewpoints of such phenomena. He has traveled to hundreds of places in the U.S. with his family, documenting strange locations and lost lore — building a paranormal location GPS research database with multiple thousands of locations. He has also been a guest on dozens of paranormal, cryptid and UFO-related radio programs (including “Somewhere in the Skies,” “Spaced Out Radio,” and “UFO Classified”), has appeared on television discussing UFOs, and has been interviewed for several documentaries — including the cryptid feature “MoMo: The Missouri Monster” and the “On The Trail of UFOs” documentary series produced by Small Town Monsters — as well as the “Creature From Big Muddy” film and the upcoming “Grand Tower UFO” doc produced by Red Room Media.

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on July 17: Paranormal researcher Michael Huntington returns to talk with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz on his theories about the causes of paranormal events. Are they due to what is called “co-creation,” in which we collectively imagine and create unusual events? What about other dimensions, an alternate reality? Huntington speaks at length about his views on the state of paranormal research. His writing and photography work can be found on all social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), the Strange Travels blog, the occasional print medium and in the soon-to-be-released Strange Travel Book series. As of the time of his appearance on the show, he was busy organizing the upcoming Midwest Conference on the Unknown in Cape Girardeau, MO, which will be taking place August 5-7 2022, and will be presenting there with other UFO notables such as Micah Hanks and Ryan Sprague.

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All of the Above?
By Gene Steinberg

At the very start of The Paracast in 2006, I announced that I wasn’t going to be part of the “UFOs must be spaceships crowd.” I’ve been there and done that, and the whole affair seemed much more complicated to deal with.

This doesn’t mean that many of our guests didn’t favor the ET answer. That was no reason to exclude them from the show, because they brought loads of fascinating reports and responsible speculation as to what might be going on to the mix.

By the same token, I wasn’t quite into the conventional wisdom about other mysteries. So were ghosts really dead people who had hung around at some sort of “way station” before moving off to the great beyond? Were they somehow stuck between these two places? It looks just fine in the movies, but is there any reality to it?

With ghosts, it opens up the possibility that there is an afterlife to which we go after we die. Maybe, and when you lose a loved one or friend, you would just hope that they aren’t entering eternal blackness and silence. That would hardly be a just reward for a life worth living, right?

When it comes to strange creatures, such as Bigfoot, they come and they go but leave few, if any, traces. So absent the possibility that people are just mistaking normal lifeforms for something weird, what’s going on and how is it proved?

Despite reports of possible DNA evidence of cryptids, nothing has come out that would demonstrate the existence of a previously unknown species.

It’s almost as if we were destined to remain one step behind such phenomena. One gets close, ever so close, only to find the final proof slipping away, if it was ever there.

People who claim to be in touch with ET or are channeling so-called “higher beings” have nothing to offer but anecdotal evidence. They say it happened. When cameras are placed in the vicinity of a possible UFO abduction, it mysteriously doesn’t seem to operate at the appointed time. It’s convenient to suggest that the forces behind such experiences don’t want us to capture images of what they are doing, but why do they bother annoying humans with their alleged presence?

I have little to say about ghosts. Obviously the way to prove the existence of an afterlife would not allow for a return trip. It reminds me of what Mr. Spock told “Bones” McCoy in “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.” He couldn’t explain what it was like to be dead, because McCoy would have to die to understand.

But what about people who are dead for short periods but are brought back to life? Some recall levitating above their bodies in an operating room or hospital bed. The cultural memes of an afterlife may briefly play out before they return to their mundane lives.

But there are also comparisons that are drawn between such experiences and UFO abductions. It all seems to add up to confronting another reality of some sort and then being returned to our real world.

Is it a physical experience, or something that exists solely in their minds? Are they making it all up, or are they encountering a real external force that they are trying to describe within the limits of human knowledge?

More and more people who explore the unknown are considering something that has also become a cultural meme due to its presence in super hero stories, and that’s the multiverse. So there are one or more parallel universes that we can visit with intention or by accident. Such places may, to some degree, mirror our own reality but with differences.

So with the 2019 CW TV crossover series, “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” three versions of Superman were depicted, including an older version of the character Brandon Routh played in the 2006 movie,“Superman Returns,” who repeated his role.

The parallel worlds concept persists in the world of the paranormal with the suggestion that there are certain areas around the world that appear to attract unusual events. Such places allegedly contain portals or windows that serve as way stations to another reality.

It’s an interesting and possibly intriguing concept, but it lacks evidence. We can’t even prove the existence of the multiverse beyond some theories from physicists that such a thing is possible. Even if the theories are true, and such entranceways exist in certain spots around the world, they remain out of our control.

One possibility I’ve considered for portal or window areas is that more things seem to occur simply because more people are looking for something strange to happen. Bring in a few paranormal researchers, who interview the locales in search of stories about encounters with the unknown. Add to that a bunch of legends from long-time residents, Native Americans in some areas, and a compelling case can be made that you are in an area that may contain an entranceway to another reality.

One theory is that people travel in and out of such areas all the time, but aren’t necessarily fully aware of what is happening. Each year, untold numbers of people just disappear and never return.

The “Mandela Effect” supposedly involves people having distinct memories of things that are demonstrably untrue. Have they passed from another reality to this one? Or is it all about the imperfections of human memory?

But when it comes to strange disappearances, there are possible conventional explanations. Aside from the results of criminal activity, there is always the possibility that someone just wants to get out of the rat race for one reason or another, so they arrange to give up their worldly goods and travel somewhere else.

With so much digital documentation of one’s existence, how is this done? Do they live in forests or other outlying areas, perhaps making brief trips to a nearby small town to stock up on foodstuffs? What about money? Assuming they don’t have a lot, they can perhaps get a job that pays in cash, so they don’t have to bother with identification. Or they can have it faked, assuming someone running a local restaurant, a convenience store or a hardware store won’t bother with a thorough check of an individual if they seem presentable, unthreatening.

Living on the land is also the stuff of fiction. So there’s Jack Reacher, featured in both movies and TV, about a former military police officer who travels around the country with few possessions, working at odd jobs and getting involved solving local crimes.

In a broad sense, there’s also a little reality in the creation of the character. Author Lee Child was unemployed when he began to write the novels to help put food on the table.

In our paranormal universe, I suppose it’s easier to suggest that a “one-stop” solution will explain all or most of the mysteries we confront. Perhaps that’s true, since there are sometimes connections between UFOs, ghosts and other phenomena, even if such encounters simply involve the same people. But to some investigators, there’s a matter of turf. They don’t want to stray beyond their tiny corners of the world and make their lives more difficult than they already are.

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