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Your Paracast Newsletter — January 9, 2022

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
January 9, 2022

Enter the Amazing World of High Strangeness, UFOs and More with Steve Ward on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene is joined by special guest cohost Tim Swartz to present veteran paranormal researcher Steve Ward, who has been fascinated by the unexplained for over half a century. There were two events that had a major influence on Steve and set a course for his future path. Growing up in Michigan, the March 1966 UFO flap occurred virtually in his backyard. The following November, a winged humanoid chased two couples down a lonely country road near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Influenced by John Keel and Jacques Vallee, Steve’s views on UFOs became unconventional and moved more toward a paranormal explanation. Steve’s main area of research is what some call “high strangeness” or “window areas” (as Keel dubbed them) where disparate types of paranormal phenomena all seem to occur in the same location. He is a correspondent on Mack Maloney’s Military X- Files radio show. He also has his own podcast broadcast on the Paranormal UK Radio Network called The High Strangeness Factor.

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on January 9: Student of high strangeness Steve Ward rejoins Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz , to discuss the amazing — and sometimes outlandish — claims of the late Richard S. Shaver about being victimized by two ancient races — the deros and teros — allegedly inhabiting caverns within the Earth. Gene describes his friendship with Shaver during the 1960s and 1970s, including the interviews he wrote and published in Caveat Emptor magazine. The discussion also includes the writings of sci-fi/UFO pioneer Ray Palmer, who often claimed that Shaver’s writings predicted the arrival of flying saucers in our skies. Steve’s is a correspondent on Mack Maloney’s Military X- Files radio show. He also has his own podcast broadcast on the Paranormal UK Radio Network called The High Strangeness Factor, and has contributed to such books as: Weird Winged Wonders: The Twilight World Of Cryptid Creatures, and Mothman, and Other Flying Creatures of the Midwest.

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UFOs and Theatricality
By Gene Steinberg

In the opening scenes of Steven Spielberg’s classic sci-fi children’s film from 1982, “ET: The Extraterrestrial,” our alien visitor is busy retrieving some soil samples when his ship takes off and leaves him (it) behind.

Now we feel sad for the little guy, but as a practical matter, it makes little sense from a logical standpoint. You have to wonder how ET, clever enough to travel from another star system to Earth, would be foolish enough to leave any member of its crew behind if it fails to return to the ship on time. Consider the consequences if it’s captured by the primitive locals.

That said, the act of retrieving soil samples is based on the reality of what people have observed in various UFO sightings over the years. It’s cited as clear evidence that flying saucers are from outer space.

But how often does ET have to perform such acts before they have more than enough samples of Earth’s flora and fauna anyway? More to the point, couldn’t it be done in a way that doesn’t attract the attention of curious alien primitives?

Even UFO abductions don’t make a lot of sense from a logical point of view, at least from the logic of an Earthling. So if they need genetic samples, it could easily be done in a way that doesn’t traumatize the subject. They don’t have to kidnap them from lonely roads, or from the sanctity of their bedrooms, and use primitive-style instruments to gather the material they need.

Even Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy could do far better with his tricorder in that series’ vision of 23rd century medical science.

Indeed, whenever you hear of ET performing a curious action before our eyes, you wonder if it is just that — performing!

None of these actions need be done in any overt manner. Soil samples can be gathered in uninhabited areas, when there aren’t apt to be witnesses. Genetic material from the locals could be done quietly, barely touching the individual. If need be, the subject could be easily sedated so they have no memory of the encounter.

And more to the point: When humans are abducted, any memory of the experience could surely be wiped away. Primitive hypnosis shouldn’t bring the suppressed memories forth, assuming hypnotic regression even works to accurately restore memories. The jury is still out on that one.

But all of this does indicate something: Whatever the force behind UFOs might be, it appears to have a great sense of theatricality. While things can be done on the q.t., without drawing attention to prying eyes, it appears as if they’d rather put on a show for us.

Perhaps that’s all this is: A show for our benefit. Alien visitors could visit Earth in ways in which they are rarely seen. They don’t have to buzz over large cities, aircraft, or ships, stage landings in clear view, or even seek out humans in various clumsy ways to do their biological research.

Even if they were, as some suggest, engaged in creating a hybrid race, implanting alien fetuses or removing them could be done in a relatively painless fashion. The subject — make that victim — of such behavior would barely know anything is going on.

I think of a recent heart procedure I had. The surgeon inserted a catheter in my wrist, moved it up and across my veins to my heart to check things out. As part of the procedure, he also inserted a stent in one of the organ’s arteries to clear blockage. During this period, I was moderately sedated and had no memory of his work. Well, he did say he was talking to me, but I was clearly in not much of a position to listen, or recall, what he had to say.

Now any heart surgery is invasive, certainly as invasive or more invasive than anything ET is reputed to have done in those abductions. But I didn’t have any hidden memories or nightmares of the two hours the surgeon spent doing his thing.

I simply woke up and, after a brief period of recuperation on the hospital bed, got up and went home.

No, ET wants us to remember whatever they did to us, even if what we recall isn’t exactly what happened.

The question is, of course, why.

Some researchers also suggest that ET is using Earth as a training ground for their scientists to test how best to handle the inhabitants of a planet they are visiting. Perhaps the beings seen picking up soil samples are just students learning how best to approach the act of investigating a new planet.

When humans are abducted, ET is testing the most effective methods to retrieve material for their biologists. Or perhaps medical students are developing their skills in different ways.

Either way, ET doesn’t care a whit about us, even if they allegedly communicate a concern to us about the way we are despoiling our planet.

There is no non-interference protocol or prime directive in effect. If there was, a single human seeing ET flying about in one of its scout ships would represent overt interference with local affairs. There is no telling how the eyewitness is going to react, since lives are often changed by dint of a single encounter with a UFO.

Of course, many a Star Trek plot involves the consequences of violating their prime directive. Consider the beginning scenes of the 2013 film, “Star Trek Into Darkness,” the clumsy remake of “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” in which the starship Enterprise exposes itself to the inhabitants of a primitive planet.

There was hell to pay as Captain Kirk found himself briefly demoted to first officer.

Then again, you can’t overlook the fact that, if our visitors aren’t doing it to put on a show for us, that they are acting in accordance with some form of alien logic.

So all of this apparent play acting might be done for reasons we do not — and might never — fully understand. Of course, they might not understand us either, which wouldn’t be surprising. Lots of humans find it difficult to understand what their fellow beings are doing.

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