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Your Paracast Newsletter — January 3, 2021

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
January 3, 2021

UFO Experiencer Philip Kinsella Talks About His Abduction by Grays and His Views on the Reality of UFOs and the Cover-up on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall introduce Philip Kinsella, author of "YOU - THE PUBLIC DECEIVED: The Grand UFO Deception," which brings together several theoretical applications concerning what the UFO phenomenon may represent. Exploring his own abduction, which occurred in the winter of 1989, and examining both old and new cases alike, he draws upon several conclusions as to what we may be up against. Philip won the British Mediumship Award in Portsmouth in 2008. He is the author of numerous books, some of which have been co-authored with his identical twin brother, Ronald, who is also an author and illustrator. He has also researched the Rendlesham Forest Incident along with the first investigator/author on the case, Brenda Butler, which resulted in the book, "Sky Crash Throughout Time: A Continued Investigation into the Rendlesham UFO Mystery."

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on January 3: Gene and Randall are rejoined by author and experiencer Philip Kinsella, who continues to talk about his book, "YOU - THE PUBLIC DECEIVED: The Grand UFO Deception." In addition to talking further about the gray aliens he observed, he refers to other possible types of ET, such as the Nordics reported by UFO contactees in the 1950s and 1960s. Philip and Randall also have an extended conversation about the nature of consciousness, and the possible multifaceted reality of his abduction experiences. Apart from dozens of published articles on the paranormal, Philip has also appeared on Channel 4, Central, Live TV and Digital, Anglia News, along with radio interviews. He has also had other books published on the UFO phenomena, including ""Sky Crash Throughout Time: A Continued Investigation into the Rendlesham UFO Mystery," which he coauthored with the first investigator/author on the case, Brenda Butler.

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About Diminished Expectations for Disclosure

By Gene Steinberg

Now if the promises made of UFO believers back in the early 1950s were to be believed, we’d all be comforted in the knowledge that we long ago knew the secret. Of course that secret would be that we were being visited by spaceships from another planet, or at least that’s what they hoped.

The world was simpler in those days, so we expected ET to originate from a nearby planet, such as Mars or Venus. It was only later that we realized that surface conditions, particularly on the latter, were really not conducive to supporting life as we knew it. Fans of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars and Venus novels might have been disappointed, though he at least had the right idea. At one time in the distant past, Mars might have had something more than basic microbial life.

In any case, the actual origin of UFOs didn’t matter as much as the reality and the promise of a world in which a plentifully inhabited universe was a given. There were legitimate reasons to expect visitors from outer space, such as our decision to play with nuclear weapons. Or maybe just curiosity, or perhaps part of an ongoing program to keep tabs on us.

Regardless, promises of disclosure came and went and came again. In the 1950s, Major Donald Keyhoe and his UFO club, NICAP — heavily laden with ex-military officers on its governing board — lobbied for congressional hearings on the subject. He had the naive belief that the politicians in Washington, DC were by and large honest brokers, and they would not allow for a whitewash.

As NICAP was undergoing its undoing, particularly as the result of Keyhoe’s lousy, disinterested management of the group, the Air Force was getting out of the UFO business. Or at least, that’s what it claimed. The Condon Report, set up as the result of the hearings in Congress that Keyhoe long dreamed about, put the nail in the coffin.

As much as one can state, with honesty, that Condon planned to debunk UFOs from the start, regardless of the evidence, it didn’t matter. Such fineries were mostly lost on the public, and thus the subject lost its luster.

I know when I began to co-publish a journal about the paranormal, with the unlikely name of Caveat Emptor, I expected we’d mostly be looking at UFOs in the rearview mirror. Well, maybe not, because sightings continued.

But the demand for hearings in Congress was a lost, failed dream. That clearly wasn’t the way to get the authorities to reveal the secret of the saucers, assuming there was a secret to be revealed.

Over the ensuing years, attempts to force disclosure, such as holding made-for-media events at the National Press Club, didn’t receive enough attention to make much of an impact. Sure, we could talk about it on paranormal radio shows and all, but for most people, they had other concerns.

The attempt to gather together a few former members of Congress, mostly people who probably hadn’t prospered from lecture tours, books, or gigs as cable TV talking heads, resulted in the 2013 Citizens Hearing on Disclosure. Consider it a faux event where they quizzed a number of UFO experts and eyewitnesses about the subject.

In theory, it was supposed to essentially mimic the conduct of a genuine hearing, but ultimately failed. Lacking the habitual manic posturing of real legislators, it wasn’t quite as entertaining as it might be as far as fodder for cable TV was concerned.

In any case, nothing much occurred as far as making the public more amenable to the prospects of UFO reality, let alone persuading anyone in power to reveal that alleged secret.

The situation began to change in December, 2017 with the publication of articles about a heretofore undisclosed Pentagon UFO (or UAP) study shepherded by former Senator Harry Reid when he was Majority Leader.

Now so far as I’m concerned, this appeared to be a favor to one of his donors, billionaire Robert Bigelow, who has been chasing after the paranormal for a number of years. That’s because the modest funding for the investigation, some $22 million, went in that direction.

Now this may seem like a lot of money to most of you, but for the U.S. government, it doesn’t even classify as chump change. It may not be much more than throwing a bone or two at the behest of a then-powerful U.S. Senator.

Well, it did turn a formerly obscure Pentagon bureaucrat, one Luis Elizondo, into a UFO celebrity because of his connection with the study. Whether that helped us make any progress towards solving the UFO mystery is another question. But at least he doesn’t foam at the mouth or ruminate about Nordic or reptilian aliens. He appears to be a credible interviewee, and that’s a good thing.

How much it accomplishes is another matter entirely. But the fact that there have since been briefings about UFOs for members of the U.S. Congress is definitely progress.

Indeed, the funding bills put into law during the last week of 2020 set the stage for a report from the Pentagon UAP Task Force within six months. That takes us to the end of June, and there are overwrought expectations of what might come next.

Sure the Task Force might actually reveal something significant about UFO reality. But the outcome will probably be less fruitful. At best, they might say they are still looking into the matter and “can’t we have another six months?” Or the response will be so general that it won’t solve anything.

The report might also repeat the usual blather of previous government UFO investigations, that they have yet to find any evidence of a threat to national security and that, as they say, is that.

Now I could hope for more. But if that’s all there is, UFO believers might protest, but it’s not as if millions will show up marching outside the White House or U.S. Capital to demand more. At best, perhaps you’d see a few hundred, and the media will, at best, label them wearers of tin foil hats, or something similar, such as propeller heads, and thus worthy of being ignored.

After the misery of 2020, I am really hoping and praying for something better. Some meaningful news about the UFO mystery would hope, but I don’t want to set my hopes too high.

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J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
After the misery of 2020, I am really hoping and praying for something better. Some meaningful news about the UFO mystery would help, but I don’t want to set my hopes too high.
Well, if nothing else, we'll keep the channel open, and maybe the Thermians will want to make an appearance on the show.


Just re-reading Major Keyhole book 'The Flying Saucers are Real - "On July 4, 1947 , nine huge flying disks were counted by Captain Smith and his crew . The strange objects were in sight for about twelve minutes , the crew watched them for the entire period and drscribed them in detail later. Despite "Project Saucer " admission that it had no answer, A.M.C. contrived one. 154."

If they were US -Allies Tech our advances systems humanity would be on Mars and all over the Solar System. Roswell not mention in above book at lengths anyway and wonder why. Now the Harvard scientist speaking out about contact in 2017 thats nothing new we had since 1930s. Also the event in 1946.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
The original "Total Recall" actually has a logical concept for how a Martian colony would be established, by the way. But few of us will live to see it.