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Your Paracast Newsletter -- August 8, 2009

Gene Steinberg

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Your Paracast Newsletter

August 8, 2009

Turning the Tables on The Paracast Co-Hosts

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A Trip Through the Crazy World of Reverse Engineering

Just imagine, if you will, living in the 15th century, and having Apple's iPhone handed to you. Your assignment, should you decide to accept it, is to figure out not only how to use this curious gadget, but to dissect the technology and build something that offers the same functionality.

Of course the prospects of such success can best be described as little to none, and that's the most optimistic slant I can offer. Indeed, the very idea should strike you as absurd.

Now imagine it's 1947, and a craft from another star system lands in the New Mexico desert. Why its highly advanced technology failed is anyone's guess. Maybe the aliens, perhaps as we do on Earth, contract spaceship construction to the lowest bidder -- or the one that contributes the largest amount of credits to the appropriate election campaigns.

In any case, the craft is loaded onto a truck and taken to a top secret military installation, where the best scientists in the nation work day and night to unearth the secrets it contains.

Just how much technology would you expect them to retrieve?

Well, if you can believe the late Army Colonel Philip Corso, co-author, along with Bill Birnes, of "The Day After Roswell," such inventions as integrated circuits were actually reverse engineered from parcels of wreckage retrieved from the Roswell crash.

Now I realize the whole Corso affair is extremely controversial, but at the core of this argument is the life experience of a highly decorated military figure. While some of the confusing and perhaps misleading passages in the book are likely the result of sloppy editing, we are left with an intriguing scenario that isn't so easily dismissed.

However, I have to wonder just how well our scientists and engineers would fare attempting to interpret evidence of a technology that may be hundreds or thousands of years advanced beyond what we have achieved. Would it truly be possible for them to be able to really understand even a small part of what they recovered?

Can you actually believe that?

Then again, if the UFOs were, in actuality, craft from our own future, maybe we'd just be reverse engineering our own inventions. Talk about an odd development, where we, in effect, change the past to create our future.

But the potential paradox of time travel is surely beyond the scope of this commentary.

Gene Steinberg
Co-Host, "The Paracast"

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