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Woman Slammed To The Ground By Ghost (VIDEO)


Paranormal Maven
Woman says she was pushed to the floor by a GHOST after security cameras filmed her being thrown to the floor when nobody was near her in Chile.
  • Cecilia Carrasco was walking past the reception desk at her lawyer’s office
  • The 34-year-old says she felt hands shove her before she fell in Santiago
  • CCTV footage quickly went viral in her homeland after it was on local news
  • She said: ‘I’m worried the ghost might be after me. I have no idea why’
  • Ms Carrasco says she never used to believe in ghosts, but is now afraid of leaving the house

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
It absolutely looks like something grabbed her ankles and yanked her hard! She was standing still, so I don't think it could even have been a slippery floor. And not to be unkind to the lady, she isn't the skinniest, lightest of ladies so to yank her so hard and so quickly, it must have been quite some force.
And it's an interesting story also because it is not claiming to show a ghost or anything. So a woman falling over is hardly viral material on it's own. The jury is definitely out for me.


Skilled Investigator
this kind of stuff i'm always skeptical about, yea we have footage but the feet are out of our viewpoint. there always seems to be some small thing like this in all of these videos. the real deal holyfield, as it were, just hasn't come out yet. this could be legit, i don't know, just have my fair share of skepticism for this one. doesn't seem to be any way she couldve fallen though.