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White fat butt dragon (or horse?) with a long white tail?


Paranormal Novice
White fat butt dragon (or horse?) with a long white tail? Or maybe its just a play on the light?

I was watching some 2011 Japan Tsunami videos tonight and I saw something in one of the videos that appears to be an animal or something, that appears to climb up stairs to the front entrance of a house as tsunami waters begin to swirl below. The apparition appears to be either running in front of the tsunami wave-front and then hooks a left up the stairs, or is just behind the wave-front and exits up the stairs.

Out in the distance are some houses, it is the house on the far left, watch in front of the stairs, beginning and ending at
time-code: 10:47 ~ 10:49

The video

See what you think it is?

kronoz...time reveals all


Intellectually Omnivorous
Hard to make anything solid of that, opinion-wise. It seems to disappear. I’d discount this as some sort of video glitch or maybe even water on the lens, a sheet of plastic catching the wind or maybe even some sort of cg animation (something about its movement comes across as animated animal movement) BUT at the 10:33 mark you can see the same shape pop out of the water just below the tree to the left of the building that it climbs up later. Same critter or another in a group? If its the same critter then it makes it seem like its chasing after or looking for something rather than just trying to get out of the water. Whatever it is, fake, real, object mistaken for something else, its body looks flat, kind of like a giant water-based flying squirrel. Interesting...horrifying video, in general, to watch in any case. Hope I never have to experience anything like that. .... I would have to go with THIS explanation...
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Paranormal Novice
To me it looks like vapor shooting out of the nozzle of a horizontaly moving object. Dolphin?
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Paranormal Adept
Fascinating phenomenon. Clearly motivated and in a hurry to get out of the water. Has anyone spoken to the residents of the building or someone who might have observed it close-up? No one knows what it is. There are lots of things like that in the world we live in. Might as well get used to it. ;)