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What If?


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
This thread is for all manner of totally out there wild speculation on pretty much any subject. We've had some rather interesting "What If?" type discussions in the past, like What If John Lennon Had Lived? or Once There Was a Way: What if The Beatles Stayed Together? by Bryce Zabel. Pretty much anything goes. I'll start this off with a notion that has come up in ufology now and then over the years, which is the idea that aliens are living among us.

So if we believe alien visitation is a reality, then it's not that far a stretch to also think that they might be living among us. There are a number of theories and claims about this possibility, including the idea that they're occupying key positions of power and can be identified by their reptilian-like eyes. However what if the aliens are right in our midst, disguised as people nobody pays much attention to? What sort of sector of society would be the most accommodating?

I struck me the other day that street people would be an almost perfect cover. No need for all the trappings of society that require an identity. Nobody pays much attention to them, but they're right out there in our midst watching everything that's going on. In theory an alien away team could blend right in with them and go completely undetected. Not only that, a lot of street people seem to just go missing, as if they never were here to begin with.

Hmm ...


Skilled Investigator
I was writing a novel, years ago, about a fellow who "Remembered the Future", not the PKD neurotic style, but about the same idea.. It was based on P D Ouspensky and Rodney Collin's ideas about eternal recurrance. Anyhow, this guy stops the JFK assassination, only to have JFK's brain tumor get worse and he starts WW 3... It then dawned on me that it had already happened, but that something prevented the interruption of the 3 plots, and that no matter how one could try, the PTB could come up with a new way to still get it done.. Events like the JFK Hit, are moments when those who "remember" are awakened a bit, while the unwashed hoi polloi have not a clue..

I think that Ouspenskys' and Collins' ideas explain a lot of strange occurances, even better than extra terrestrial influence..

BTW: I was at the LBJ Ranch in 1968, while stationed at Ft Hood, and had some long conversations with some very interesting minor official and agents...

more later......