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What do you think this is?


Paranormal Novice
I thought I’d join this forum to get opinions on what this could be. This photo was taken 7 years ago. I see a dark shadow woman with long black hair on her knees. She’s leaning backward and if you look closely you can see her hands being held out like she’s pleading for help.
Thanks , Logan

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(contents = marginalized)

Lawn Angel.jpg

(the question is about not having a legal right to live as a people or as a country, this is not specifically about the usa at this level ........... (which will be burned by all other nations) .............. this is about this:::: see below)

ebola virus entry.jpg

(10 hour walk tomorrow, City of Philadelphia, ethni* euthanasia) (and) (they took that photo of me one of the many times I told them specifically to shoot me with a sniper rifle, no a low caliber weapon, high caliber only)
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(When Moses was born, God delivered him out of a abortion attempt (in the present) .................. God uses spiritual beings like animals, then God is disputing the legal right to live of a people ............... so there are issues that will be settled, as things become necessary, its time for a second opinion of the photo)

dodo bird stamp1.jpg

(this time the angel is not holding the baby moses (at present) .................. the angel is standing to the right of a "dodo" bird ................ there is a claim that this bird is branched out of the genetic pool humanity may of had references to not directly) (this was a big issue during the holocaust, but today, we will have to see, maybe as soon as 12/21/2020)
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