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Wendy Connors 'Faded Discs' - journeys through audio UFO history - available in public domain!!!


Paranormal Adept
Dear colleagues.
(you can find download links of Wendy’s album near the end of this message)
I am happy to announce that Wendy Connors’ important audio compilations 'Faded Discs' are finally available in public domain for every researcher and buff of UFO history.
After Wendy retired, her compilations were extremely hard to find and became very rare. It took me few years to locate them all – I had to contact different UFO stores world wide to find and buy every single album.
More about her project for those who were maybe not aware about Faded Discs so far:
Background links:

Finally few days ago, researcher Isaac Koi was able to get permission from Roderick B. Dyke - archivist of the Archives for UFO Research – for albums to be released in public domain. Isaac requested me to upload albums from my archives and here they finally are. We decided to store them at archive.org which is a good place for storing historical material.

Those albums are true treasure for every researcher. This is a perfect example why archiving is so important. Keep and care about your personal archives. It will be important for the future generations.

You can download and listen to Faded Discs albums at those links:



For the beginning my uploads:

UFOLOGY A Primer In Audio 1947 1964 Volume 2 Guide

Profiles In Ufology Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Dr. James E. Mc Donald & Frank Edwards Guide

UFOLOGY A Primer In Audio UK AUS 1946 1989 Guide

UFOLOGY A Primer In Audio 1939 1959 - 1st edition

CEIV An Audio History Of Alien Abduction And Animal Mutilation 1957 1976

Cops & Saucers Law Enforcement And UFO's 1957 1981 Guide

CE III Humanoid Encounters

High Strangeness Guide

Project Blue Book Guide

Hotline Reports National UFO Reporting Center Guide

Uploads that were already available on archive.org (not my uploads)

Faded Discs Archive --- The Contactees

Wendy Connors - UFOLOGY A PRIMER in AUDIO 1947 – 1964 Volume 1 (2nd edit.)

National UFO Reporting Center recordings

MISC (not my uploads):

Pascagoula Abduction Audio Files

John Keel Mothman Lecture 1966


Best wishes.



Paranormal Adept
I've been trying to chase some of these down… all the time wasted!
Now available to everyone and free! Awesome!


Paranormal Adept
And as Isaac points out it, is we should not forget it is due to the past and recent work of
Wendy Connors, Roderick B. Dyke and Giuliano Marinković.

I can't see Santa topping this- Christmas is already here! How is anyone supposed to get work done now?
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Paranormal Adept
UFORadio, my apologies! I did not recognize your name in all this until I read things more carefully.

Thank You!

Burnt State

Paranormal Adept
Can't have too many compliments on this thread. I'm going to try to measure this out so I can complete regular work over the next month. This is perfect saturday afternoon snow storm listening (what I'm doing today instead of work). Thanks so much for this collective, historical compilation.

Out of curiosity, what are your three favourite recordings in here? Can you make some lesser known audio suggestions?

This is certainly deserving of many thanks and a few free rounds or more at the mythical Paracast conference. Cheers!


Skilled Investigator
And all you folks who also dabble in ATS, star & flag Koi and Marinković's posts .
Listening to James E. McDonald at the moment, what a firebrand!

from Isaac's ATS post:

With the blessing of the person to whom Wendy Connors entrusted her materials (Roderick B. Dyke, as archivist of the Archives for UFO Researc, "AUFOR"), the previously unavailable CDs have been uploaded to the archive.org website by a member of ATS ("uforadio", i.e. Croatian researcher Giuliano Marinković). I think Giuliano Marinković is the current leader in the field of archiving/disseminating ufological audio material. I can't think of any active researcher that would be more capable of helping you carry on the work done by Wendy.

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Burnt State

Paranormal Adept
OK, what are you listing to from the catalogue? I'm addicted to the Humanoid Disc - can't get enough of all that UFO porn, as @spacebrother would say. Oh, Pascagoula!

My favourite track by far is #30 with Robert Estes' encounter of the tank/tractor like object that lands on the ground while he's driving on the road; and an occupant gets out to greet him and then disappears back up into the sky. It is just far too hilarious, unbelievable and has so many classic, elements including the whole OZ effect. It's got everything - a must listen!

CE III Humanoid Encounters : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Burnt State

Paranormal Adept
Neigh! Snort! (paws at ground with front hoof three times as if trying to communicate)


(waits patiently for a sugar cube or something)


Paranormal Adept
Dear colleagues.
(you can find download links of Wendy’s album near the end of this message)
I am happy to announce that Wendy Connors’ important audio compilations 'Faded Discs' are finally available in public domain for every researcher and buff of UFO history.

Best wishes.


Looks like good stuff, but hugely time consuming. Wish someone wold publish a guide to the best nuggets...


Paranormal Adept
Wish someone wold publish a guide to the best nuggets...
Until they do, start with this searchable index where you can zero in on cases of interest:
Index: Wendy Connors 'Faded Discs' - journeys through audio UFO history

For me, I was most interested in the Lonnie Zamora case in Socorro, NM and also the Hickson-Parker Pascagoula Abduction story. Both of those had some good material, but it may not grab you. Anyway, it's archived now, so it's there for you whenever you've got the time.