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Well It seems I live in a haunted house damn it


Paranormal Adept
In July this year we brought a new house and started renovations before we moved in as the kitchen was in a poor state of repair and there was still some earthquake damage to the building (minor stuff).

Also the last time any rework had been done on the house was in the 1980's so it needed an upgrade anyway.

The house was built in the early 1960's in the Californian style for the architectural buffs out there but the attached garage had been converted into a games room when a new one had been built some time in the 1970s according to the land information we have on the place.

Anyway some strange stuff started to happen from the moment we started working on the place.

The power in one end of the house would for some reason just switch off, the fuses and breakers are all fine but none of the lights would work, then they would all just turn on for no reason. we have had electricians come and check the whole place and they can not find a fault and I have run my test gear as well and can not find a fault either.

Locked doors would be found open and unlocked in the morning as well as painting gear moved or tipped over.

One night while I was at our other place packing and cleaning up my wife went over to the new place to drop some things off, in her words she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up and a black mass shot past the open door.

Upon moving in things got worse, at night the roof space sounded like a person was running from one end of the house to the other.

Taps have been turned on and left running that both myself and the wife have not turned on.

Both cats would hiss at the doorway to the lounge and sit there watching something moving that we could not see.

We have had cold spots and caught shapes moving just out of the corner of our eyes.

Now to cut a very long story short much of the activity died down when we cleaned out some items that had been left in the place.

By the front door there is a free standing coat rack that came with the house and in it were some old walking canes ... I threw these away and things settled down a fair bit but there is still some activity.

Just today I saw a black shape move quickly out of the hallway into the lounge.

what I want to know is how on earth do I cleanse the place out, frankly if I was a ghost skeptic before I moved here I am not one now.

I hear sage works and from what I have read the Native Americans used it for cleaning...

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
Burning sage is called 'Smudging' you basically wrap a bunch of it and light it like incense and walk about with it wafting it all round every room. People of various beliefs will either pray as they do this but I personally think that if there is anything to it, it comes down to the power of your will and intent, so you would go around audibly and forcefully proclaiming something like, 'This is our home, this is our space, you must leave, you are not welcome to stay' and such like. I do believe in spirits but not necessarily in the religious sense.

A word of caution: most investigators will tell you that while it is possible to try to ignore the phenomena as much as possible, and that can sometimes settle things down, activity might still pick up anyway but most people agree that if you acknowledge it by taking photos or EVPs, it either imparts some power to the activity allowing it to increase or intelligent spirits realise they are being seen and heard, and ramp up the effort on their part.

If it bothers you (and I think it would bother me because you never know how far these things could go) I would contact respectable local paranormal research teams to ask them if they can recommend any 'house cleansers' and if any of them don't seek money or access for investigations you may not want, then you can probably trust that they are doing what they do for the right reasons.

One last thing, while I think it is perfectly possible to rid a home of activity, sometimes they will just not go and you either accept and live with it, or you move out. Shit, I know but that's the low-down as far as I can make out from all research I've done. As far as I find this stuff fascinating, having seen an upper-body apparition myself, I do not with to live with it so tread carefully.


FeralNormal master
I agree with Goggs, if you just go through the motions you could be wasting your time, but if you have strong faith and it needn't be a deity...you could conceivably invoke the great goddess Barbie if you had a real strong belief in her...you would probably get greater benefits.

Dors New Zealand have any laws about disclosure about possible hauntings or whether a murder happened in any houses for sale?
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Paranormal Adept
Thanks for the posts my friends.

I have a sage dub that we just went and got and my wife has a friend who will do a cleansing (had no idea she knew someone but I should have since she has an interest in the paranormal) so this will be done this weekend.

There are no high tension wires close by and I have setup my spec audio gear and had a look for infra-sound... There is a little as there is a highway about two and a half kilometers away from the house, also there is an FM/AM transmission tower about the same distance from the house.

Trying to come at this from a scientific position still as much as I can but I am not interested in having investigators come here I just want it to stop :)

There have been no deaths in this place as far as we know but then again unless it was a murder it would not need to be disclosed, now having said that who knows what went on here in precolonial days before the land was turned into housing in the 1930's

I will keep you all up to date on how things go, but as far as I am concerned if it is a "ghost" it is going to leave not me.

William Strathmann

Paranormal Adept
You mentioned earthquake damage. Is your house near a fairly active faultline (with a possible piezoelectrical field)?

On the other hand, I can relate to your reports of fast-moving black forms that vanish. Like you, my experience also confirms to me that there is a realm beyond ordinary physics that contains what people call ghosts and such.


Paranormal Adept
(...) frankly if I was a ghost skeptic before I moved here ...
I can vouch for that ;)

I am not one now.
Holy guacamole. Now that's a statement I'd never have anticipated from you, stonehart.

Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier, work is crazy busy at the end of the year.

I've read lots of books about hauntings, where the authors ranged from highly credible scientists, to psychic mediums, each giving their own, often contradictory opinions, how to "get rid of the occurences". Some say cleansing, wether by a religious figure or a psychic, will work, others say that in their case, this only led to an aggravation.

Frankly, I don't know how sage or incense should work, unless hauntings are caused by physical beings with highly sensitive olfaction. Not very plausible, I guess, unless these guys have invisibility cloaks.

But maybe it's the reassuring effect on the consciousness of the person using these things which then leads to the haunting to subside.

One thing I've heard often is to try not to acknowledge the occurences. To ignore and be indifferent about them. I guess the reasoning behind this is that whatever is causing them, will "loose interest" if it can't get any emotional response from you.

Also, try and document them (which you probably are already doing). Hauntings seem to be notoriously camera-shy. So, even if you don't get anything on camera or tape, this might lead to the "activitiy" dying down. I don't think it's giving the haunting too much attention, if it's done in a scientific, dispassionate way.

Good luck and please keep us updated.

P.S.: It's probably a bit inappropriate right now but... would you consider coming on the show to talk about what's going on?
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Paranormal Maven
Wow - hope things get sorted for you stoneheart.

Mike - I love that response "have a chat, say hello" brilliant. I think I would try that too

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
I totally agree with Polter's suggestion of Stoney being on a show, so we can hear one of our own admittedly skeptical members (on this topic). It needn't be a whole show but I think 4 segments could easily be filled, and if members were allowed to post questions a full show might be very easy to fill - I mean, how often on shows do we not manage to ask enough listener questions or pursue certain avenues at the expense of others?

By the way, I happen to know Stony has been invited to a roundtable at least once but had to turn it down - so it's not like the Paracast hasn't already considered him up for an appearance.

In unison, out of tune but across the planet...the people chant 'Stoney! Stoney!.....'

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
And while I'm at it, I'd love to hear a return visit from Mike who in another dimension no doubt did become a DJ because of his amazing radio voice, vast knowledge and plain ole' Aussie no-B.S accepted attitude.

I'd have Mike on interviewing Stoney - what a show!


Paranormal Adept
Yes sure I am up for it Goggs but I would like time to gather evidence and confirm a few things..

Like I said I have some of my personal spec analysis gear setup so I can confirm that low frequency sound is not at play here... I don't think so but it pays to do things right.

So while I am still on term break away from my students I will write a report and time line of events... would be cool to talk UFO's in New Zealand and Australia as well if you have the two of us on.. that is more of my bag than spooks LOL.. I have had a few sightings myself which would be cool to talk about.

I have about two weeks left before I am back on deck for the coming teaching year just as a heads up.
I have a seminar I have to be at during the week of the 25th of Jan but I can do a show either before that or the week after (back home on the 28th of Jan). No teaching days until the 15th of February.... just so you have some time frame.
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Paranormal Adept
You mentioned earthquake damage. Is your house near a fairly active faultline (with a possible piezoelectrical field)?

On the other hand, I can relate to your reports of fast-moving black forms that vanish. Like you, my experience also confirms to me that there is a realm beyond ordinary physics that contains what people call ghosts and such.
Well yes Canterbury has a number of large faults under the plains but nothing that close to where I live... We had a series of very powerful quakes a few years back (a quick search on google for Christchurch earthquake will fill you in).
By the way none of these faults were known about until the quakes happened as there was really no way of knowing they were there.

We used sage in the house a few weeks back and yes things seem quite for now... You know I am quite the skeptic as many on the forums will know but this has me fairly bamboozled to be quite honest.