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Welcome John Olsen

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
1567740536486.png John Olsen has spent the last 25 years interviewing and documenting first-hand accounts of those who have witnessed all kinds of strange and unusual phenomena in the western United States. The Stranger Bridgerland series contains firsthand accounts of everything from ghosts, monsters and hauntings, to glitches in the matrix, Sasquatch and UFO’s.

Website: Paranormal | Strangerbridgerland

The show will be recorded Friday September 06, at 1:00pm MDT.
Post any questions or comments for discussion below.

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Good day to you! I just recently found this show and I find it very interesting. I have lived in the Western part of the USA since 2015.

I have experienced a couple of very weird and creepy experiences in two separate locations.

To begin with, my wife and I were pretty much homeless living out of 9 foot tall my camper van in Imperial Valley California, this was in February of 2016. We were staying at a free camp area about 5 -10 miles outside of Brawley CA called Finney Lake. It's a very primitive site, no running water or electricity.

It was after dark, around 2am, and my wife got out of my van to answer the call of nature, and about 45 seconds afterward we both heard a thump on the roof of my van and then a loud and piercing scream. It wasn't like a horror movie scream, it sounded almost like metal on metal brakes, but it kind of warbled up and down in volume and pitch, afterward I heard what sounded like claws scratching, similar to a dog on a slick tile floor, on the roof of my van. I scrambled around to find my pants and get out, but I couldn't find my wife. I looked around and saw a flash light bouncing erratically in the near distance, so I hopped in the drivers seat and drove towards the light to find my wife just running in a panic. She heard the same sounds I did, and just ran.

The second and third experiences took place at the same place about 6 months apart.

In 2017 we moved to Las Vegas. We went through the 1October shooting and all of that... I love this city, but its freaky crazy enough without anything spooky.

My wife and I enjoy hiking and outdoors stuff as much as we can. Vegas is hot in the summer, true but once the sun goes down it's quite nice most of the time.

In early 2019, January I believe, my wife and I hiked up into the Willow Springs trail into the La Madre Wilderness area in Red Rock Canyon. We lost track of time in the hike, and winters in the Sierra Nevada mountains get dark FAST. The mountains are so steep that even before the sun starts to dip below the horizon, you already have pockets of deep shadow.

We were dumb and didn't keep track of time and sun position and ended up using flashlights to hike the last 45 minutes back to our car in full dark.

Starting I would say about 30 minutes before night fell, we both kept getting that feeling you get, like the hairs on your back are packing their bags and attempting to relocate to your neck and scalp, like we KNEW something was watching us. We both got the same feeling at the same time and turned to tell each other. She looked at me and I looked at her, and I just asked "You too?" And she just nodded.

At this point we both started to move a bit quicker down the path. Where we were, this is a bit easier than it sounds because the trail we were in was acutally ment for 4x4s mainly, trucks and jeeps so its wide and relatively easy to walk.

Without rubbernecking, we both kept trying to see what had caused us to get spooked out of no where.

I heard a noise and I glanced behind me to see two deer on the trail behind us around 60 feet or so. They werent walking, they were just standing, two bucks with decent sized antlers. (I'm no hunter, so I cant be more specific than that.) I had a weird vibe because normally deer, you know, MOVE and stuff, but I just shrugged it off and kept hiking.

About 20 minutes or so later, the sun had fallen and it was really dark, and I once again heard a noise behind me. I turned with my flashlight and I illuminated two coyote behind us, basically the same distance away as the deer had been, one was standing and one sitting... Now I personally think coyotes are adorable, but I'm not that much of a moron to approach them. They didnt follow us just watched.

When we got back to my car, we were getting in it, not bothering to even change out of our hiking boots because we heard motion and saw eyes reflecting the moon about 50 feet from us across the dark parking lot. We beat feet and got out of there.

We have no idea what we encountered up there, whether it just be 4 very weird animals or something spookier... We tried to look tor answers, but just kept getting directed to skinwalker sites. It's not Navajo land, it was Paiute, so I'm not sure if I believe that...

Do you know anything about these areas? Do you have any idea what we encountered?

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USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
Good day to you! I just recently found this show and I find it very interesting. I have lived in the Western part of the USA since 2015 ...I have experienced a couple of very weird and creepy experiences in two separate locations ... Do you know anything about these areas? Do you have any idea what we encountered?
Your question about the locales has been asked. Unfortunately John had no cases from there, but there are some other very interesting stories in this episode!
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