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Welcome Back Nick Redfern

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
7339 Nick Redfern brings us a new twist on Russian meddling. Only a fool – or someone with an agenda of a sinister kind – would deny that such meddling has occurred in recent times. But, who knew that for decades the Russians secretly used the UFO phenomenon as a means to try and destabilize the West?

► Why did the Russians try to recruit well-known UFO “Contactees” during the 1950s?
► What’s the connection between the KGB and the notorious Majestic 12 documents?
► Why did the Soviet Union fabricate tales of aliens and feed them to the Pentagon?
► Does the UFO meddling still continue to this day?

These are just a few of the many questions that Nick Redfern answers in his chilling new book. Flying Saucers from the Kremlin: UFOs, Russian Meddling, Soviet Spies & Cold War Secrets.

Nick Redfern is the author of more than forty books. They include Men in Black; Women in Black; The Roswell UFO Conspiracy; and 365 Days of UFOs. Nick has appeared on many TV shows, including the BBC’s Out of This World; the SyFy Channel’s Proof Positive; the History Channel’s Monster Quest, America’s Book of Secrets and UFO Hunters; the National Geographic Channel’s Paranatural; and MSNBC’s Countdown.

Website: Nick Redfern's World of Whatever...

Get The Book: Flying Saucers from the Kremlin: UFOs, Russian Meddling, Soviet Spies & Cold War Secrets

The show will be recorded Thursday July 11 at 6:00PM ( CDT ) 5:00PM ( MDT ) 4:00PM ( MT ). Post your comments and questions for discussion below.


quelling chaos since 2352BC
My biggest question for Nick would be... how the heck do you do it?

From his website:
I am the author of many books, including "A Covert Agenda;" "The FBI Files;" "Cosmic Crashes;" "Strange Secrets (with Andy Roberts);" "Three Men Seeking Monsters;" "Body Snatchers in the Desert;" "On the Trail of the Saucer Spies;" "Celebrity Secrets;" "Man-Monkey;" "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter;" "Mystery Animals of the British Isles: Staffordshire;" "There's Something in the Woods;" "Science Fiction Secrets;" "Contactees;" "Monsters of Texas" (with Ken Gerhard); "Final Events;" "The NASA Conspiracies;" "Space Girl Dead on Spaghetti Junction;" "The Real Men in Black;" "Keep Out;" "The Pyramids and the Pentagon;" "The World's Weirdest Places;" "Wildman!;" "Monster Diary;" "Monster Files;" "Close Encounters of the Fatal KInd;" "The Zombie Book" (with Brad Steiger); "For Nobody's Eyes Only;" "Secret History;" "The Bigfoot Book;" "Bloodline of the Gods;" "Chupacabra Road Trip;" "Weapons of the Gods;" "Men In Black;" "Nessie;" "The Monster Book;" "Immortality of the Gods;" "365 Days of UFOs;" "Secret Societies;" "Women in Black;" "Shapeshifters;" "The New World Order Book;" "Control;" "The Black Diary;" "Paranormal Parasites;" "Top Secret Alien Abduction Files;" "The Roswell UFO Conspiracy;" "The Slenderman Mysteries," and "Area 51."
I'd be curious about his writing process, how he produces so many books, and any tips/tricks for folks interested in this field and writing about it.


Great timing Nick,
It would be great to have a Astronaut guests on the Paracast Show as its about science and the paranormal.
Astronaut Walt Cunningham
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Farlig Gulstein

Skilled Investigator
Nick, have you read James Carrion's book, The Roswell Deception, about his proposal that UFOs were a US psy-op to ultimately convince the USSR that the US had superior weaponry? Comments if you have read it?

In your view, did the US reciprocate and make use of the UFO topic to influence the USSR?


Paranormal Novice
Interesting to see the KGB being mentioned in the same breath as the MJ 12 documents.

I'd like to ask Nick -

Who does he think created the original MJ 12 documents and why? Given the above description of his new book I'm assuming he believes it was the KGB...?

Also, does he know who Tim Good's source for the original MJ 12 documents was? If he does indeed believe it was the KGB that created the documents then can he comment on Good's description of his source as an 'American' who was 'probably connected to Richard Doty'?


Randall ,
Listen to J.C. great show and on the topic of these folks planning on marching on U.S. Secure locations bad move and increasing threats will only put folks lives in danger.


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USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
Sweet man thanks!
We actually got into your question fairly deeply, and it was one of the most interesting parts of the show. We covered how he got his first breaks into the publishing business and what it takes to keep it going over a decades long career. We've also got another really cool guest coming on the 24th but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag until it's in the bag ( if that makes any sense ) :p