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Welcome Back Andy Colvin

Gene Steinberg

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AndyColvin-01b.pngAndy Colvin is an eclectic artist, photographer, filmmaker, publisher, musician, and bestselling author, who has been called "one of America's great, pain-in-the-butt original thinkers." Colvin has written or co-written over 50 books, and is credited with co-discovering the "11-11 Awakening Code" and advancing the practice of "synchro-conspiracy."

Colvin's often controversial theories have made him a popular speaker on venues like Coast to Coast AM, Ground Zero, Destination America, The History Channel, The Travel Channel, SyFy, NPR, RAI, BBC, and PBS, and have gained him a dedicated "cult" following.

Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Fortean author John A. Keel, Colvin is considered by some to be the leading authority on the mysterious "Mothman" phenomenon, due to his early experiences with the phenomenon and his intensive documentation of symbols and synchronicities.

Colvin's early "illumination" experiences were almost identical to those of science-fiction authors Philip K. Dick and Robert Anton Wilson, except that they occurred to Colvin when he was just a boy, living on a dirt road in West Virginia.

Following these encounters, Colvin found that he could draw, sing, and take pictures, and that he had a photographic memory. He was recognized as a prodigy, and was eventually offered a scholarship to Harvard University.

While in college, Colvin’s documentation of the lives of "slackers" influenced the seminal cult film that defined Generation-X, "Slacker." Colvin's band, "Ed Hall," appeared in the film and on the soundtrack, and the character of the "obsessed photographer" was based on him.

Colvin's work has been seen or heard in all 50 states, and in several foreign countries. His writing has appeared in various journals, including Oprah Magazine, Buzzfeed, Blitz, Paranoia, The Stranger, The Seattle Weekly, and The Austin Chronicle.


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