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Weird Time Slip incident from last year that I've mentioned before.


Paranormal Adept
So, I've mentioned before that I experienced a weird time slip incident. It was pretty benign and mundane compared to the experiences related here by others.
One morning during the week in early spring last year, I set off to see a really good friend in Ames, Iowa. I had left the house and hit the gas station around 10:50, got a box donated to the thrift store and set off down the major street I need to take to get on to the freeway that turns into I-80. It was 11:02 when I turned on to the entrance ramp onto the freeway and by the time I drove on to the exit ramp in Ames the clock had just changed 11:20. Google tells me the distance from the entrance ramp in Des Moines to the exit ramp in Ames is 32.6 miles. I've driven this route several times before, at the same rate of speed, and it usually takes me around 35 minutes as the freeway speed limit varies from 55 to 65 mph for about 13 miles before it maxes to 70 mph just past Ankeny, Iowa. There is also a lot of traffic on this stretch of road and I had gotten stuck behind a couple of turtles, so I was lucky to be going 60.
The strange part for me was heading over a hill and I was very clearly thinking how quickly this trip seemed to be going (I still hadn't looked into the clock). Past this hill was a valley you go into before you starting coming up to the exits for Ames. I remember feeling slightly disoriented because it felt I'd somehow bypassed a whole stretch of interstate. I'm also a little taken aback that I didn't look at the clock in the car at all between the entrance ramp in Des Moines and the exit ramp in Ames.
I realize that I may be mistaken, but I'm usually very good about paying attention to time, especially when I'm in the car.