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Veteran PA Investigator Stan Gordon Returns to the Paracast

Christopher O'Brien

Back in the Saddle Aginn
Staff member
Longtime Pennsylvania field investigator/author Stan Gordon returns to the Paracast. As many of you know, I hold Stan in high regard. He is a low-key, unassuming guy who has been in the trenches for well over 50 years and is one of this country's most experienced paranormal/UFO/crypto investigators. He has been researching UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and other mysterious events in Pennsylvania since 1959, and since then, he has been involved with the investigation of thousands of unusual incidents. He is the primary investigator of the 1965 UFO crash incident that occurred near Kecksburg, PA. Stan has been taking calls on UFO sightings and other strange reports from the public since 1969, and he continues to receive unusual reports on a regular basis. His new book, Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania's Unknown Creatures (Casebook 3) has just been published and it is filled w/ many inexplicable reports —some literally beyond belief. I highly recommend it! We will be talking about this book and visiting his long storied career in the field, etc

He is the producer of the award winning video documentary, “Kecksburg The Untold Story.” Stan is the author of three books, “Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook”, “Really Mysterious Pennsylvania”, and “Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania’s Unknown Creatures”, published in August of 2015. He appears frequently on radio and television programs discussing his research on these topics. Stan has been seen on the History & Discovery Channel, SyFy Channel, Destination America Channel, and Unsolved Mysteries, as well as numerous other programs. He has been a guest on the Coast to Coast radio show several times.

During 2014, Stan appeared on numerous radio and TV shows. He was seen on The Close Encounters series on the Science Channel, Monsters & Mysteries in America on the Destination America Channel, Monumental Mysteries on the Travel Channel, In Search of Aliens on H2, and UFO Conspiracies on the Science Channel. He will also be appearing on a number of other new TV programs that will air in 2015.

For update information on upcoming events and reports see: www.stangordon.info, and for a more extensive Bio and photos go to Stan Gordon » Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone

We will be taping TOMORROW October 1st in the morning (pac time), please post your QUESTIONS here!


FeralNormal master
Has Stan ever defined a specific area, either geographic (like the SLV) or arbitrary (The Bridgeport Triangle) in his neck of the woods (SW PA./Ohio/ West VA.) that is known for high strangeness events?

Would the Ohio River Valley be too general?
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piscator ψ
Dear Chris and Gene, please ask Mr Gordon why he thinks there has been a decline in the popularity of Bigfoot?

Also please ask him to describe what he believes Bigfoot is (as in, is it a primate etc)

Thank you and best wishes. Harry

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
Q. Both Kecksburg and Roswell supposedly had military personnel threatening locals to keep silent and I wonder if you have ever checked on the legality of US armed forces giving such orders on US soil in peace time?

Q. Uintah Basin, Marley Woods, Bridgewater Triangle.....any other current potential 'Portal Areas' you could add to this list?

Q. Knowing of cases you've researched which feature UFOs + Bigfoot-type creatures, do you lean away from Nuts and Bolts UFOs and simple Primate-Bigfoot explanations?

Q. After all your decades of research, do you think there is an active conspiracy to deny UFO reality perpetrated by some part of the Government/Military/Mil. Ind. Complex?

Q. Have you had any MIB experiences - or even someone you have interviewed?


Paranormal Adept
  1. If I had time to read only one of your books (I'm more interested in UFOs than Bigfoot, except for case where they're connected), which would be the best one?
  2. Are you seeing more or fewer strange entities coming from "alien" craft (CE3 non-abductions)?
  3. Are you seeing reports of grays or other types of beings (CE3 non-abductions)?


Paranormal Maven
Does the 1973 UFO wave get the attention it deserves today? If not why not? And what would be some of the best cases from the period that people should be looking at?


Paranormal Maven
Stan, if it turns out through disclosure that Kecksburg was nothing more than a satellite, plane part, or other mundane explanation, would you be relieved or disappointed?

Stan, any chance Bigfoot might be of greater intelligence than human beings?


Paranormal Adept
Stan, are you familiar with David Paulides? If so, what are your thoughts about his Bigfoot/Missing persons books and are the two connected?

Ron Away

Paranormal Adept
You have investigated the paranormal for more than 50 years now.Are you any closer to the truth of what is going on in these areas or are the answers as elusive as ever?


Paranormal Novice
Q. I've heard the object that crashed in Kecksburg tied to the so called Nazi bell project. What, if any linkages have you discovered in your research? In your opinion, are these two events/stories related, or is the introduction of the bell to this story the result of an overenthusiastic blending of ufo mythology with facts on the ground.

That question being asked, I believe that whether it was ET, Nazi technology, meteor, or Russian satellite, it's still an amazing event, worthy of the research you've put in. Thanks a ton.

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Paranormal Maven

Has your personal views, theories on the many topics you have investigate over the years changed? And if so do you think that trend is influenced by, or has influenced popular culture ?

Burnt State

Paranormal Adept
That's a very interesting object. I can't think of its purpose except to drive down a conical hole in the ground. In this picture you can see some rust in two rectangular areas where it looks like it was attached to something else altogether.

I also see the finding of this object and the sighting previous to it of a spinning orb to be two discontinuous events and may not be connected at all to each other in any way. It is made of earth components so it is probably something quite mundane. It reminds me of Bob White's object which is comparatively much more bizarre.
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