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USAF Mildenhall base sighting

Squiddly Diddly

Paranormal Novice
Just wanted to report a weird sighting I had around 5 years ago looking out towards USAF base at Mildenhall Suffolk in the UK. I was wondering if any other people in the UK have had any strange encounters near military air bases?

I was standing outside having a soft drink during the late summer at my cricket club which the airforce base is clearly visible in the distance over a few large farmers fields. It was around 10pm and very dark when a massive bright orange oval shaped object silently moved across the sky. It's speed was slow but due to the size of the huge object it soon moved across the nights sky. It was a reddish orange colour and the atmosphere seemed to be still and I didn't hear any noises coming from the surrounding area.

I watched along with a fellow cricketer as it banked around and lowered itself, appearing to get into a landing pattern. But it went below the level of the trees in the far distance and I never saw it again. We silently shrugged our shoulders, shook our heads and carried on drinking. Being so close to an active air base, you get used to the sights, lights and sounds of all regular aircraft but this was nothing I have ever encountered before or since.