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Greetings Dark Matters Radio fans, here is what is coming up.

If you are here then you are here using a computer device. Now, it is always a good idea to know where you are and .. where you came from. This week, we have that covered.

Computers and UFO information seems to be a match that was made, no pun intended, in heaven. If you look at the history .. it may seem odd. Actually the very first personal computer was a build it yourself kit. The Altair 8800 came in a kit form that was highlighted in the magazine Popular Electronics in January 1975. Who knew then where this was headed. Back in those days Bill Gates was headed to be a college dropout. The Altair kit was priced at $395. and then you would add a ton of brain and elbow sweat. If you were lazy, a completed Altair was $650. and go ahead and find an operating system. No monitor, no keyboard, you flipped switches and watched lights blink! But things changed quickly ... as the next couple of years proved, the PC quickly over took the fascinated public. PC's began popping up in homes all around the western world.

Okay, now you have a PC, what are you going to do with it? BBS's began life on the nascent net', a BBS was a bulletin board service connected to your computer with a modem and your telephone line. Many BBS's then were geared to computers, computer equipment, parts and pieces ... what have you. But one guy had a fascination with weird off the wall kind of things and began a BBS called Paranet. Paranet was a gateway to UFOs, PSI, ghosts, cattle mutilations and current UFO cases. The guy that, in my mind, started the weird stuff on the net' ,was Jim Speiser the founder of ParaNet. Jim is my guest this week on Dark Matters Radio. You can tune in starting at 5:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 PM Eastern on KGRARadio.com ... This promises to be a fascinating show ... see ya on the air ...


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Don, a few weeks back I seem to remember you posting something that mentioned Lance Moody being a guest. Did that happen? If so could you post the link please. Thanks