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Unusual human - bigfoot in his lineage?


Paranormal Maven
- 15 min.
"This Man Found An Explorers Old Photo Album
That Reveals What He Encountered Hidden In
The Jungle"

Does the fellow below have a bigfoot in his
family tree, I wonder:


-- Squirrel
It's not "just a beard" Gene. Look around at all the characteristics.

The jaw is obviously well out of proportion to the average human, for starters.

The "beard" goes all the way to the eyes, and the top hair comes right down to the eyes.

I'm not claiming as a fact this human is part bigfoot, but there is certainly enough there to keep the question open.

-- Squirrel
The head's too big for the body- so it must be a mask.
That is a possibility, but the "mask" looks kind of genuine to me.

One questionable item I see is that I would think a human with actual bigfoot lineage would have more pronounced wide shoulders.

Dave Paulides has done some BF DNA work ... I wonder if his labs found any markers for BF heritage, similar to Neanderthal markers which have made the news?

Also - one First Nations ("Indian") tribe reported that they actually traded with a BF clan. It would be interesting to show that photo to anyone from that tribe to see if it's familiar in some way. (Heard about that in a couple of Paulides videos.)

-- Squirrel