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Richard Hawkins

Paranormal Adept
I watched a video on Tik Tok today where an 18 year old was saying that her three.year old sister was suffering from abuse because her parents were not explaining her sexual options.
Where has this society gone when we let perverts and idiot's run our society,? Every one has the right to a free equal life but no one has the right to indoctrinate.
Believe very little of what comes on Tik Tok. What people say is often bs. This is why we have so many culture wars. The complaints are all just made up.
Well Gene yes, although while I would consider myself a socialist I think you can go to far to the left, I do not believe that it is right that we should pander to the I want society..
And by the way Americans socialism is not communism except in America and that's because you are all fucking idiots.
Communism in America is long ago and far away, mostly the early part of the 20th century. There's very little of it now. I think you're going a bit overboard in how you characterize Americans. Take it back please.
Communism is not gone, and we europeans can see its rising its ugly head in the US. They call themselves social democrats. Its the same thing here, but the battle is for every single election since WWII.

Beware, they are not "liberals" as you might imagine.